A Guide To Designing a Mindful Meditation Garden
Garden A Guide To Designing a Mindful Meditation Garden

A Guide To Designing a Mindful Meditation Garden

Create a Space of Zen and Relaxation

October 6, 2023 at 2:23 PM PST

Meditation is the practice of focusing your mind in hopes of achieving a clear mental and emotional state. It is known to reduce anxiety and is practiced all around the world. There are so many different forms and types of meditation including mindfulness meditation, spiritual meditation, movement meditation, focused meditation and more. With so many different ways to meditate, having a calming and relaxing space to meditate in is just as important as figuring out which meditation practice is right for you. This is why having a meditation garden may be just the thing you need in your new home.

Research shows that spending time outdoors can reduce anxiety and depression. With a meditation garden, you’ll be able to relax, breathe, do yoga and meditate while looking at beautiful flowers, plants, water, art and more.

Here’s a guide to creating a zen and peaceful meditation garden.

Comfortable Seating for the Ultimate Relaxation Experience

Adding comfortable seating to your meditation garden will create a serene environment. Pictured: Outdoor seating.

Seating is one of the most important aspects of your meditation garden. Ensuring that soft and comfortable seating is included will help you relax in this space and make for calming meditation practices. Whether you use a hammock, soft yoga mats, a hammock chair with cushions, a bean bag chair, a back support chair or an inviting bench, making sure you have the proper neck, waist, back and leg support is key for focus and relaxation.

Plants, Flowers and Trees to Create Space

Add a fruit tree to your meditation garden for color, a wonderful fruit smell, and delicious fruits. Pictured: A lemon tree.

Add a row of flowers, some plants, or trees to a meditation garden that will make you feel good. You’ll want to choose low-maintenance plants, as this is a relaxation space that shouldn’t require too much daily labor. Add a few flower pots or plant some azaleas, tulips, chrysanthemums, daisies, lavender or any of your favorite flowers. Florals also dispel scents that can be used for relaxation. For plants, adding a few shrubs or a pink princess philodendron will add some ambiance to your meditation garden. Fruit trees like orange, lemon, apple, blueberry or peach trees add some element and color to the space and give you delicious fruits to pick from.

Pathways for Those on a Journey

For those who practice movement meditation, add a pathway or walkway to your meditation garden for mindful movement. Pictured: A pathway with tulips and a wood archway.

Mediation gardens aren’t just for sitting, they’re also for walking. Movement meditation includes walking and is a great option for those who find peace and relaxation in moving the body. Allowing your feet to wander with your mind is a great method for relaxation and a walkway is the perfect space for that. Use stepping stones, bricks, cobblestone, wood or rocks to create a zen pathway in your meditation garden.

Flowing Water for Soothing Ambient Sounds

Add a water feature to your meditation garden to listen to the sound of flowing water. Pictured: A Birdbath.

Flowing water is a natural relaxation element and adding a water feature encourages mindfulness. Not only is hearing the sound of flowing water calming, but watching it also puts the mind at ease. People often use the sound of running water to fall asleep, do yoga, journal, read and do meditation practices. A waterfall, koi pond, birdbath or fountain are water features that are simple to install and will make your meditation garden a peaceful oasis.

Ambiance in Your Meditation Garden

Low lighting in your meditation garden adds a peaceful ambiance to the space. Pictured: Outdoor Lighting.

The ambiance is what adds the final touch to a meditation garden. This should invoke as many senses as possible to make the space a serene environment. Add some wind chimes for sound effect purposes, some boulders for texture or dim string lights for visual appeal. Add a few framed or canvas artwork pieces that will take well to nature or a focal point like a statue. A visual flow invites relaxation and peacefulness in a meditation garden and will leave you feeling more zen than ever.



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