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These 5 Accent Lights Will Set the Vibe in Your Space Like No Other

Transform your living spaces with unparalleled ambiance with these five exquisite accent lights designed to set the perfect vibe, elevating your home decor to new heights.

January 2, 2024 at 9:53 PM PST

How do you set the mood or change the tone of your home? While there are several answers to that question, one of the easiest ways is through lighting—accent lighting to be exact. With accent lighting, you can elevate your living room experience by using strip lights behind the television or wall scones to highlight your wall decor, for example. Accent lighting is a great way to achieve a luminous and luxurious vibe in your home.

What exactly is accent lighting?

Accent lighting, or highlighting, focuses light on different areas or objects. Lights come in various forms, too. From wall scones and sleek modern floor lamps to LED strip lights and puck lights, the options are limitless. Use them as part of your exterior and interior designs and watch the effects they’ll have on your home as a whole.

Our Accent Lighting Picks

The Benefits of Accent Lighting

Accent lighting is an interior decor aspect that requires little manual labor and little cost, but can create a big impact. Here are a few benefits of accent lights and how they can improve your interior.

It accentuates your decor.

Accent lighting helps to put all the focus on your decor, shining the spotlight and transforming it into the focal point. When guests walk in, they’ll immediately turn their heads to your artwork, wall decor or statement pieces.

It sets the mood in your space.

From lively lighting to subtle, dim and warm lighting, accent lights are the best investments for creating an ambiance that is cozy and luxurious. You’ll have the power to set the tone and change the mood at the touch of your fingertips. Place lights behind your staircase, sofa, television, or mirror for a vibey effect.

It adds depth and dimension.

Accent lighting helps create depth in a space by playing with shadows and highlights. This contributes to a more visually interesting and dynamic environment.

If you’re ready to play with accent lighting in your home, here are our top five picks for inspiration.

Govee RGBIC Floor Lamp

Imagine millions of different color settings and 58 dynamic scene modes all in one lamp. That's what you'll get with Govee's RGBIC Floor Lamp. With RGBIC technology, you can personalize each color segment based on your current mood. You can also instantly upgrade your movie or music listening session by setting your lamp to change colors along with your movie or audio changes. With its unique design, this lamp will offer a modern aesthetic. Place it in the corner of your living room or bedroom for the ultimate effect.

FUNCHDAY Picture Light

If you're looking for wall lights that'll shine an extra light on your personalized family photos, paintings, artwork and more, opt for Funchday Picture Lights. They're remote-controlled accent lights with dimmable features, allowing you to set the mood just right. Adjust the lighting by rotating the light tube to your desired position and admire from afar. The battery-powered light is easy to mount on your wall, as it includes screws and a mounting bracket. Make a statement and add a personalized essence to your home with these lights.

SUNVIE 2 Pack Indoor Spotlight

Add a sense of mystery and luxury to your home by purchasing the SUNVIE 2 Pack Indoor Spotlights. This stylish floor light can be placed behind tall plants or in the corner of your bedroom or living room. Shine the uplight on your favorite pictures, small sculptures, and so much more. The pack comes with 2 LED bulbs that are easily replaced. The UL switch can be operated by hand or foot, providing safety and longevity. The light is also compatible with smart sockets and Wi-Fi outlets for smart home users.

Brilliant Evolution LED Cabinet Puck Light

The BRRC135 3 - Light LED Under Cabinet Puck Lights are the perfect accent lights to add a little pizazz to your kitchen. With one simple push of a button, these puck lights can act as nightlights in not only your kitchen but under your bathroom cabinets or closet shelves as well. The battery-operated LED lights also come with a remote control, allowing you to control the time at which you want them lit and set the light mode with its dimmable feature.

NUÜR Arc Floor Lamp

Appealing to the eye and your mood, the NUÜR Arc Floor Lamp is a must-have accent light for any space in your home. With its arch and curvaceous structure, it aligns with modern, minimalist and contemporary styles, but the possibilities are endless. The dimmable floor lamp includes a remote control that helps you choose from three adjustable color-temperature settings such as warm white, natural white, and cool white light. With its sleek and narrow design, this lamp can placed next to a variety of furniture. Allow the lamp to gracefully hover over your couch or bed and other hard-to-reach places you'd like to light up.

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