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Outdoors Outdoor Cooking

Alternative Outdoor Cookout Options To Elevate Your Summer Cookouts

June 6, 2023 at 7:00 PM PST
Outdoors Outdoor Cooking

Alternative Outdoor Cookout Options To Elevate Your Summer Cookouts

June 6, 2023 at 7:00 PM PST

Once you become a homeowner, it’s time to determine how and when you will celebrate your summers in your backyard. When it comes to grilling, people generally have an idea of what that looks like. However, you can start your own traditions and opt out of the standard grills with some alternative outdoor cookout options that best suit your wants and needs.

There are a number of ways you can still enjoy cookouts without a typical grill. Determine what you have the space for and figure out what you enjoy preparing and serving the most. That will put you on the path to selecting the best alternative outdoor cooker for you.

Alternative Grilling Inspo

You don’t need to fit a particular demographic to enjoy grilled foods in your home. Alternative grilling options will give you more freedom to enjoy your favorite eats without all the extra messy cleanups. Besides, who wants to deal with heavy bags of charcoal when they don’t have to?

If you enjoy Asian cuisines and appetizers, consider buying a hibachi. If you love a good stir fry, try your hands on a portable wok. Even if barbecue foods aren’t your favorite, you can turn your backyard into an outdoor pizza parlor and show off a newly purchased pizza oven. Whether you’re hosting a backyard gathering or simply craving a homemade pizza, pizza ovens offer a great alternative to traditional grilling methods.

So if you are ready to step out of your comfort zone and try something different this summer, here are five alternative outdoor cookout options that will elevate your summer hosting game this season.

Hibachi BBQ Picnic Table Grill

Bring some Asian fusion to your backyard summer barbecues with this Hibachi BBQ Picnic Table Grill Barbecue Stove Cooker at Walmart. Now you can barbecue your favorite Japanese or Korean foods on the portable hibachi that is easy to transport to different locations. This non-stick hibachi can feed up to five people and comes with an anti-scalding hand puller, a barbecue net plate, a charcoal bowl and a charcoal frame. All of this makes for the perfect ingredients to enjoy some authentic Asian cuisine that you can enjoy from the comfort of your backyard this summer.

Steel Freestanding Wood-Fired Pizza Oven

Impress your neighbors and friends with the Steel Freestanding Wood-Fired Pizza Oven by U-Max. Your guests won't even miss the grill once you start making your favorite pizzas in this oven. This oven is made out of high-grade steel material ensuring that this oven can withstand seasonal changes outdoors. Now, you can make a pizza in less than 30 minutes because this oven heats up to a scorching 700 degrees. Not only will you get a fresh, hot pizza but your pizza will be thoroughly and evenly cooked, too. Best of all, this pizza oven is easy to transport so you can move it all around your home.

Outdoors Carbon Steel Wok Kit with Big Kahuna Burner

Just because you are opting out of having a grill doesn't mean you can't still have your favorite summer eats. The Eastman Outdoors 22" Carbon Steel Wok Kit with Big Kahuna Burner can broil, stir fry, deep fry, braise and simmer in your backyard all summer long. You can make a crawfish boil with this high-powered wok kit and everyone will be happy. Not only will this make a great addition to your backyard, but you can also pack it for when you go on camping trips. Each meal you prepare on this wok will taste freshly prepared, fulfilling, and delicious.

Nexgrill 3 Burner Portable Griddle

The Nexgrill 3 Burner is the ultimate portable griddle. Not only is this suitable for a nice summer barbecue feast, but you can use it for virtually any meal you want to prepare outdoors. The durable cast iron griddle is suitable for meats, fish and veggies, and it will be a great addition to your outdoor cooking setup. Additionally, this portable griddle is easy to navigate as well. With a simple push-and-turn ignition option, you won't have to worry about connecting multiple things or starting your portable grilling by doing something complicated. Your summers will be so much tastier with this griddle.

3-Level BBQ Rotisserie Grill Roaster

If you want an alternative to the standard grill but still want to get your grilling kicks, you should set your eyes on the 3-Level BBQ Rotisserie Grill Roaster from Outsunny. This roaster has the ability to cook approximately 15 burgers at once. You can simultaneously add your meats in the middle level and let them roast while adding fish or veggies to the small grill grate below. Since this roaster can be pretty hot, you can add the windshield as well as adjust the heights of the grill grates to ensure everyone's safety. It's portable, easy-to-clean and outdoor-friendly, so you won't have to worry about this roaster scraping your ground or getting too dirty.

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