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Black Designers To Follow Based on Your Interior Design Style

Perfect your style by getting inspiration from any and all of these designers.

February 20, 2024 at 9:37 PM PST

Discovering the perfect blend of aesthetics and innovation in interior design often begins with the creative vision of talented designers. In a world brimming with diversity and individuality, the journey to find the ideal match for your interior design style becomes even more exciting when exploring the unique perspectives of Black designers. Whether you’re drawn to modern minimalism, vibrant eclectic spaces, or timeless classics, there’s a Black designer whose creativity and expertise promise to inspire and elevate your home decor journey.

Black Designers To Follow Based on Your Interior Design Style

Now. it’s time to discover inspiring Black designers tailored to your unique interior design preferences. Here are four we love, and we think you will too.


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Modern: Nicole Gibbons

When it comes to modern interior design, Nicole Gibbons is a true innovator. Though modern aesthetics are sleek and oftentimes simple, Gibbons always adds a little something extra to curate a dynamic space unlike any other.

Eclectic: Laura Hodges

Laura Hodges is an amazing resource for anyone looking to upgrade their living space. Her diverse background caused her to develop an appreciation for the diversity in all areas of life, which is evident by her emphasis on varied textures and patterns.


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Bohemian: Justina Blakeney

Justina Blakeney is an L.A.-based interior designer recognized for her cool, colorful bohemian style. If you aren’t already familiar with this incredible creative, you might have come across a few of her designs from her home decor and houseware brand Jungalow.

Her work can be seen in a number of popular stores including Target, Pottery Barn Kids, Anthropologie, and more.

Mid-Century Modern: Ishka Designs

For a fresh, modern take on mid-century style, look no further than Ishka Designs. Led by interior design masterminds Niya Bascom and Anishka Clarke, this Brooklyn-based interior design firm is committed to creating bold spaces that truly stand out among the rest. Decorating with unique textures and vibrant colors, this dynamic tag team achieves a balanced yet lively aesthetic every time.



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