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New Study Names This Surprise State the #1 Place for Furnishing Homes on the Cheap

October 19, 2023 at 8:00 AM PST

Moving into a new place is an exciting experience, albeit very costly. From making a down payment to paying the moving company, moving into your dream home can be a nightmare for your wallet. And when you factor in furnishing your new space, moving costs can add up very quickly.

But depending on where you’re moving to, decorating your home doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. According to a report from H18YC, one state in particular is considered the cheapest place to furnish your home across the country.

New Study Names This Surprise State the #1 Place for Furnishing Homes on the Cheap

The study used six metrics to determine its findings, which included unemployment rate, median household income, sales tax, transportation cost and accessibility, population density, and consumer preference.

After tallying up the scores, researchers determined Oregon to be not only the most affordable but also the most ideal state to furnish a home, followed by Montana and then Utah. But why?

What Makes It the Cheapest State To Furnish a Home

According to the study, the transportation cost and accessibility of a state play a big role. Oregon is a state with great transportation costs, meaning you can transport products and services quickly and conveniently. And because its transportation access is so great, Oregon tends to attract a lot of tourists, which definitely helps with the local economy, leading to lower prices for furniture and decor overall.

Furnishing a home is a whole lot easier when you have the money to do it. And fortunately for Oregonians, their state boasts a median household income of $74,768, which is great given its relatively low cost of living.

Other factors that determined the findings of the report are a low sales tax, low population density, and consumer preferences. Oregon is a state with no state sales tax and pretty low overhead costs thanks to there being fewer people per square mile. This makes Oregon a prime place to snag furniture on the cheap.

And because Oregonians tend to shop for cheaper furnishing options than others, retailers are more likely to accommodate that demand. So when you factor in its logistical advantages with frugal consumer preferences, it’s easy to see why Oregon is the number one spot to affordably decorate your home.



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