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Organize Closet Organization Ideas

These Closet Organization Ideas Will Instantly Upgrade Your Closet

August 30, 2023 at 9:24 PM PST

A clean and well-organized closet is the solution to accessing clothing items much more easily and quickly. Without organization, you’ll find that your clothes, shoes, purses and handbags, or any other item you store in your closet, don’t have a designated area. This makes it harder to find exactly what you’re looking for when you need it. This is why making your life more convenient with a few clever closet organization tips can tremendously lessen your closet clutter and help maximize your closet space. Home and Texture has compiled a list of closet storage organization tips and items that will allow you to achieve your aesthetically pleasing and systemized closet.

Closet Organization and Storage Tips

Declutter your closet.

One of the first things you want to do before organizing your closet is decluttering. Rid everything that you are no longer using in your closet. These items could be seasonal, outdated, too big or too small. Go through all items and determine which ones you wear on a consistent basis, which you don’t wear often but want to keep, and which items you’re willing to donate. Decluttering gives you the opportunity to clean from top to bottom. Once this step is completed, the journey to a spacious, clean, and coordinated closet is not too far away.

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Invest in items that create uniformity.

Investing in storage items that provide uniformity in your closet space is a key rule of thumb for a coordinated and neat look. For example, buying a set of matching hangers will automatically make your closet look elevated and clean look. You may also consider purchasing clear drop-front shoe containers that allow you to see every shoe that you own.

Save time by labeling bins and baskets.

If you have bins that are stacked up on high shelves, it can become an inconvenience having to pull them down one by one to search for a particular item. Label your bins and baskets so that you know exactly what items are in each. This will also save you time from searching for items in unnecessary places.

Small Storage Items That Will Make an Impact

There are closet organization items, big and small, that create a great impact. Here are a few items that are guaranteed to make a huge difference in your closet space, aesthetically and functionally.

Shelf Dividers

Dividers are a must-have closet storage solution when it comes to keeping everything in one place. Shelf dividers can be used to prevent your handbags from toppling over one another and are perfect for placing them in their own designated spot.

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Shoe Storage Solutions

Have you ever walked into your room or closet and tripped over a pile of shoes? Keep your shoes from piling up with shoe storage ideas that allow you to make the best of your closet space. Use clear drop-front shoe containers, as they allow you to see every shoe that you own. If you want to try something a little different that serves the same purpose, invest in stackable wood shelves.

Unlike shoe containers, stackable wood shelves give you easy access to remove and place your shoes on the shelves. Shoe containers are sealed, while stackable shelves are more open. While this decision is up to you, both options provide a clean, well-put-together storage solution for your trendy kicks.

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Closet Shelves

The perfect way to increase and maximize storage space is closet shelving. You have creative control by customizing the way you’d want your closet to look. You’ll also have the ability to change around storage shelving based on your needs. For sturdy shelves, think about wooden shelves as they offer a more coordinated and polished look. Pre-arranged shelves typically include premium features like drawers, jewelry organizers, vanities, and more. Frequently used items should be stored at eye level, while items that are infrequently used should be stored at the top and bottom of shelves.


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