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Contemporary Black Ceramicists You Should Know And Support

May 12, 2023 at 7:00 PM PST

Investing in ceramics has become popular among millennials looking for unique pieces for their homes. Ceramicists are changing the game, creating stunning decor pieces that are as Instagram-worthy as they are functional. From mugs with funky handles to beautifully crafted vases to store your fresh flower arrangement — ceramics are an artsy, essential, and eco-friendly addition to your home’s decor.

It would be remiss if we mentioned the beauty of ceramics without talking about the talented makers behind these magnificent pieces. In the world of ceramics, Black ceramicists have made significant contributions. They bring their unique perspectives and artistic brilliance to the craft of ceramics. The number of Black ceramists is ever-rising, and we love to see it.

If you’re looking to add ceramics to your home, these are the Black ceramicists you should know.

Lalese Stamps – Lolly Lolly Ceramics


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Created in 2017 by founder Lalese Stamps, Lolly Lolly prides itself on pieces that are beautifully made to last. Stamps made 100 mugs with 100 different handles for a span of 100 days in 2019. This project brought national attention to her brand and helped launch it into the high-demand ceramics studio that it is today. If you’re looking for mugs with really cool handles, you have to check out Lolly Lolly’s collections.

Aleisha Ellis – Utility Objects


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Based in Atlanta, Georgia, Aleisha Ellis started her ceramic production and design studio in 2020. However, she’s been creating ceramics under the name Utility Objects since 2018. Ellis uses organic textures to create ceramics with a modern finish. The ceramicist gets her inspiration from Scandinavian pottery, Japanese wabi-sabi, and speckled bird eggs. Utility Objects has beautiful pieces for your kitchen and dining area and decorative planters and vases for your home.

Sherród Faulks – DEEP BLACK


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With over twenty years of experience under his belt, Sherród Faulks’ brand DEEP BLACK was born as a physical embodiment of his aesthetic and beliefs. Faulks makes striking ceramics for the modern home—his pieces range from cappuccino cups to pasta bowls and vases. He currently lives and creates from his home in Portsmouth, Virginia.

Sequoyah “Coy” Johnson – The Coy Collection


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Sequoyah “Coy” Johnson designs and creates her collection of ceramics in Austin, Texas. Her goal is to create functional artwork that makes people feel good. Her pieces are bright, fun and will definitely brighten your day. In addition to mood-boosting cups and vases, Johnson also makes super cute and cheerful earrings.

Sara Ekua Todd – Ekua Ceramics

This Belgium-raised, Los Angeles-based ceramicist honors her multi-ethnic upbringing in her ceramics. Her pieces are heavily influenced by her time living abroad and being raised in an artistic household. Todd’s collection of work features gorgeous cups for tea, coffee, matcha, and whatever you desire in a vibrant color palette of blues, greens, and neutrals.



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