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Kyotographie Fest In Japan Is A Wonder For Home Artwork

May 1, 2023 at 8:49 PM PST

If you are looking for one-of-a-kind artwork for your home and enjoy traveling then you might want to visit Japan. Japan is home to KyotoGraphie; the international photography festival that continues to highlight artists worldwide.

Every year during spring, the fest takes place in Kyoto for four weeks. Kyoto is a city in Japan that is known for its artistic values in the country. This year is its 11th season operating, and its first in-person experience since the pandemic began. KyotoGraphie in Japan displays beautiful artwork in the photography medium that is attractive to novice and seasoned collectors alike.

KyotoGraphie In Japan Is A Wonder For Artwork

Lucille Reyboz and Yusuke Nakanishi are the co-founders and co-directors of KyotoGraphie. This year’s theme is Border, which promises to explore the concepts of migration, discrimination, grief and dementia. The festival attracts artists worldwide.

The city of Kyoto transforms into an open gallery, as each venue represents a different interpretation of the yearly theme. One of the artists featured is freelance photographer Joana Choumali from Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire. Her mixed-media artwork can be seen at the Ryosokuin Zen temple.

Photo credit: Joana Choumali

Choumali combines embroidery with her photography which she notes is a technique she learned to help her process the trauma she’s endured in life. After losing her mother, she used the art of threading to depict what she saw every day in her community.

“It was as if my inner landscape was merging with my outer landscape,” Choumali said. “It allowed me to make a journal of what was happening to me. Making the work literally saved my life.”

This year’s festival will run from April 15, 2023 to May 14, 2023.



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