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Desenio x Lone Fox Home: The Wall Art Collection Every Millennial Needs

October 12, 2023 at 5:14 PM PST

In the world of home decor, every detail matters, and often, it’s the walls that make the boldest statement. Enter Scandinavian wall art e-commerce company Desenio’s latest partnership with Los Angeles-based designer and DIY expert Drew Michael Scott of Lone Fox. Merging Scandinavian design with the heart and soul of DIY, this collaboration birthed the “Transforming Spaces” YouTube series, showing how to give your space an effortless and elevated upgrade with Desenio prints and frames. Over three beautifully shot episodes, Scott empowers homeowners to rejuvenate their spaces, guiding them from choosing the perfect color palette to designing eye-catching gallery walls.

Desenio x Lone Fox Collaboration
Photo Credit: Desenio

Launched on September 26, the highlight of this partnership is a curated collection of 12 distinctive wall art prints. With prices ranging from $19.95 to $54.95, this collection promises pieces that resonate with every millennial homeowner’s taste. Whether you’re into hand-painted still lives, abstract painting, or line art, there is a piece that aligns.

When talking about the process of designing these prints, Scott shares, “I knew I wanted to go in the direction of moody brown tones, which I’ve been incorporating a lot of in my new home.”

Desenio x Lone Fox Collaboration
Photo Credit: Desenio

“I knew I wanted to incorporate some abstract, still life, and painted pieces. The dog, fox, and flowers are some of my favorite hand-painted pieces in this collection,” Scott continued.

The Desenio brand has been synonymous with trend-forward and affordable wall art since 2008, carving a niche for themselves in 35 countries worldwide. Now, as they expand their footprint in the U.S., they’ve intentionally chosen to collaborate with Scott, who, by sharing his DIY prowess on his YouTube channel Lone Fox Home, has garnered a following of over 1.6 million subscribers.

In the final episode of “Transforming Spaces,” Scott gives views an inside look at his home, where he demonstrates the transformative power of the new collection, showing how the right wall art can breathe new life into a space.

Scott shares in a press release, “The great thing about this collection is that I think there’s really something for every single room. You could put them in the bathroom, the kitchen, of course the living room, or the bedroom.”

“There’s a versatility to these prints, which I really love, and I can see myself using these prints in so many different spaces,” he continues.

Whether you’re a newbie homeowner looking to add personal touches to your space or a seasoned decor enthusiast aiming to refresh your interiors, this collection is sure to impress.



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