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Office Desk Organization

These Desk Organization Ideas Will Keep Your Home Office Clutter-Free

June 17, 2023 at 9:30 AM PST
Office Desk Organization

These Desk Organization Ideas Will Keep Your Home Office Clutter-Free

June 17, 2023 at 9:30 AM PST

Though working remotely positively impacts many professionals, turning your home into an optimal work environment comes with its own challenges. With company equipment, papers, pens and everything else, your at-home office space may transform from tidy and neat to a mess. If you don’t set up your office space correctly before getting into the hustle and bustle of the job, there will come a time when you can barely find a pen in the clutter. The right desk organization ideas can lead you on your journey to decluttering your office space.

A decluttered desk can increase productivity and your chances of having an easier work day.

Desk organization staples are available at office stores. It’s time to upgrade your home office with some upscale office decor that embodies style. Check out these modern desk organization picks that are sure to draw out your best professional side.

Beiz Gold Desk Organizer and Accessories Storage

Seamlessly mesh your office materials with the rest of your decor using this gold desk organizer. It is perfect for the maximalist or minimalist. This steel accessory is rust-resistant and durable, so you don't have to worry about wear-and-tear. Though it's made of metal, the soft pads beneath each corner will keep your desk or counter safe from scratches. An all-in-one accessory, this organizer includes five vertical sorters, one letter tray and three compartments.

Metal & Faux Leather Mail Sorter

This desk organization essential is modern, lavish and bold. Its metal and faux leather mail sorter is perfect for boho style or colorful homes. This item can make any home office arrangement stand out. Its beautiful earthy color blends well with wooden desks. Mail is a huge source of clutter, especially if you don't have a means of getting rid of it. This mail sorter is a great solution for keeping letters, postcards and bills in one spot.

Beimu Acrylic Monitor Stand

If you working from home, you're probably looking down at a computer all day with minimal breaks. This can lead to neck tension and pain, which decreases comfort and productivity. This acrylic laptop stand is a perfect solution to that problem. No matter the decor style of your home, acrylic pieces match everything. This stand is clear, unnoticeable and convenient, so you can leave this item sitting out on your desk without worrying about it clashing with other pieces around it.

Modular Desk Tray and Cup Set

Simply place this gorgeous marble tray and gorgeous gold cup set on your desk for a striking and elegant appeal. With two cups of different sizes, you can use this to store pens, pencils, paper clips and other desk items. Switch out the cups or the tray to customize this product and make it uniquely yours. Enhance its minimalistic feel by going monochromatic with the rest of your desk items for an ultra chic look.

Jerry & Maggie’s Office Storage Rack

With over 3,500 reviews, this adjustable wood storage rack and display shelf is a bestseller. It comes in five colors, has a rectangular shape and a tiered design. It's ideal for all desk set ups and can match any decor style. Place decorative items on it to add a little flair to your office space or use it as a book shelf. If you're near a window, you can also use it as a stand for small plants.

Joseph Joseph’s Drawer Organizer

Arrange this box drawer organizer set however you like with its 10 detachable pieces. Easily connect the pieces together with a few quick clips. You can buy multiple sets and join them together for more storage space. A variety of options makes this product ideal for total desk organization. Place whatever you need into these slim, yet deep compartments and hide them completely from view in the safety of your drawers. Reach everything you need easily by storing it all in once place.

Desk Calendar

While phones and other electronic items around the house provide the date, this eye-catching and chic desk calendar is too unique to pass up. A gold frame and sleek black base automatically enters this alternative calendar into the luxury category. You can quickly update it each day with just a few flips. Use it to keep yourself on track of goals, to encourage yourself to build daily habits and refer to it when you're in an important meeting.

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