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Modern Vintage: How To Mix Old With New

May 26, 2023 at 7:20 PM PST

Modern vintage home decor is a trend that has been gaining steam in the home decor space. Typically, homeowners choose one or the other when designing their homes. But did you know that you can mix both for a stunning way to display your personality and style?

What Is Modern Home Decor?

The term modern home decor focuses on minimalism, featuring clean lines, functionality, spaciousness, and simplicity. It incorporates materials such as glass, steel, and concrete but also integrates natural elements, including wood and stone.

Modern homes tend to have a neutral color scheme but sometimes include bold accents. The furniture is often smooth and geometric in shape. Incorporating technology is also a big part of modern design, with many featuring smart home devices and advanced lighting systems.

What Is Vintage Home Decor?

Vintage home decor draws inspiration from the past, evoking a sense of nostalgia and charm. It reflects the popular styles from different eras, such as art deco, mid-century modern, or Victorian. Vintage decor incorporates antique furniture, ornate details, and intricate patterns. It tends to highlight craftsmanship and special pieces that tell a story.

As for color, vintage home decor uses warm and rich colors that mix vibrant hues and earthy tones. Such homes may also include decorative accessories such as vintage posters, retro appliances, and vintage-inspired textiles. Vintage decor creates an inviting atmosphere and adds a sense of timelessness, celebrating the beauty of the past.

Modern Vintage: How To Mix Old With New

Both modern and vintage home decor are popular styles among homeowners. And fortunately, there are a number of ways that you can combine the two to create a unique and personalized look. By mixing vintage furniture with modern accents, you can create a space that is both stylish and timeless, or one that best reflects your own personal style. To learn how, here are five ways to mix modern and vintage decor styles:

Mix and Match Furniture

To create an attractive blend of styles for your home decor, consider combining a few modern and vintage furniture pieces. For example, you can pair a contemporary sofa with a vintage armchair to create an intriguing contrast between clean lines and ornate details. This combination not only provides visual interest but also creates a comfortable and inviting seating area.

To make the mix even better, you can also try adding modern side tables or a simple coffee table that matches the overall look. By blending different furniture styles, you can create a space that combines modern design and vintage charm.

Shuffle Textures

If you want to effortlessly combine modern and vintage home decor styles, try mixing different textures and materials that contrast the two aesthetics. For example, you can match a smooth, modern dining table with a glass top with upholstered vintage chairs that use rich, textured fabrics. To create more visual interest, you can place a shaggy rug underneath the table or hang an antique tapestry on the wall.

To create a visually captivating and inviting space, combine smooth metals and polished woods with weathered or distressed surfaces to make an interesting contrast. By mixing textures and materials skillfully, you can achieve a tactile experience that combines modern design’s sleekness with vintage elements’ warmth and character.

Add Antique Accessories

Adding carefully chosen antique accessories to your modern decor can add a nostalgic and unique touch to your space. For instance, you can create a focal point on a contemporary wall by incorporating an ornately framed vintage decorative mirror. Also, consider displaying antique vases or vintage-inspired pottery on modern shelving units, seamlessly blending elements of the past and present.

To give your modern furniture a cozy and charming touch, you can try including vintage textiles such as lace doilies or embroidered pillows. By placing these vintage accessories carefully, you can create a personalized atmosphere that shows your admiration for both modern style and vintage treasures.

Incorporate Color

To blend the two home decor styles in a successful way, consider a color scheme that ties both styles together seamlessly. Start with a neutral color like gray, beige, or white for a clean slate to work with. From there, you can incorporate antique accessories or artwork to add pops of color.

Using color strategically can help you achieve a cohesive and balanced look that combines both modern and vintage elements. For instance, a lively, retro-style rug can add energy to the living room, or a set of antique glassware can introduce some color to a minimalist kitchen.

Consider Architectural Features

To combine modern and vintage home decor, focus on highlighting your home’s architectural features with a vintage charm. Use exposed brick walls, ornate moldings, or vintage-inspired windows as focal points. Mix them with sleek, modern furniture and minimalistic design elements to create a captivating blend of styles.

One idea is to mix modern and vintage styles by placing a modern sectional sofa against an exposed brick backdrop or hanging contemporary artwork on a wall with intricate vintage moldings. By incorporating the existing architectural features, you can create a distinctive space that blends modern and vintage aesthetics.


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