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Decorate DIY Fabric Wall Art

Give Your Walls an Instant Facelift With This DIY Fabric Wall Art Trend

September 27, 2023 at 8:29 PM PST
Decorate DIY Fabric Wall Art

Give Your Walls an Instant Facelift With This DIY Fabric Wall Art Trend

September 27, 2023 at 8:29 PM PST

Creating your own wall art not only allows you to be expressive and creative but also allows you to have a hand in shaping the ambiance of your living space, making it uniquely reflective of your personality and style. As a maximalist or minimalist, you’re able to choose bold colors, introduce new textures, and step out of your comfort zone to implement new styles. Fabric wall art is a form of textured wall art that focuses solely on different types of fabrics. From cotton to linen to silk—the most popular material—each texture brings a fresh new vibe that will enhance your home’s interior no matter which room you place it.

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The great thing about wall art is that you can do it yourself. It’s inexpensive, non-time-consuming, and the perfect activity to have fun while creating your own masterpiece. All you’ll need is your main items, which won’t break the bank, some creativity, and a little bit of elbow grease.

Materials You’ll Need


The first item you need is a blank canvas. The sizes and number of canvases are up to you and how you’d like your overall piece to come out. If you want to go for an elevated, upscale look, an oversized canvas will do the trick. This way, you could hang it in your dining room, the hallway, or entryway to create a statement piece. If you’d like to create a more uniform look, consider getting two or three of the same size canvas and line them up evenly along the wall.

Paint Brush

You’ll be doing a little “painting” on this project, but not with paint. It’ll be with glue, so get ready to get a little sticky. A sponge paintbrush or typical paintbrush with bristles will do the job.


Your fabric, your choice. Different fabrics will speak different languages within your home. Choose from silk, velvet, linen, or even denim—all materials are likely to elevate the appearance of your walls and result in a high-end look.

Mod Podge Glue

Don’t forget your Mod Podge Glue. When it’s time to glue and lay the fabric for a permanent finish, you’ll want a glue that is guaranteed to solidify your artwork.


Scissors will come in handy to cut extra unnecessary fabric off.

How To Create Fabric Wall Art

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Lay out your canvas on a flat surface.

Find an area that will comfortably fit your canvas or canvases. To prevent mess, consider placing an old sheet or newspaper underneath your canvas to catch the glue and extra fabric that you won’t need.

Get sticky with glue.

Now, take your glue and pour it on your canvas. Use your paintbrush to spread a layer of the glue evenly across your canvas. As for the glue, try not to use too much so that it soaks your fabric, but don’t use too little so that it dries too quickly.

Before you spread the glue, place your fabric across your canvas to get a sense of how you’re going to create the movement and fluid of your fabric once it’s glued down.

Shape your fabric to your liking.

Once you’ve realized the movement and shape of how you want your fabric to lay, spread it across your sticky canvas. Begin moving it to your liking. Try to move quickly, as you don’t want your fabric to sit long enough and begin drying, making it difficult to change the fabric if decide you no longer like it.

Let it dry.

Take a break and let your canvas dry. After it’s dry, grab your scissors to cut the extra fabric off the sides. Leave about an inch or two of fabric when doing this. Then, take the extra fabric to fold behind the canvas—this way the sides of the canvas will be covered as well. Lastly, use glue or a stapler to secure the fabric on the back.

Hang it up and show it off.

Now that your work of art is completed, find the perfect place in your home to hang it. You can also consider framing your finished piece. Lastly, if you’re feeling extra, add light probes to set the mood and offer a sense of calm, elegance, and quality to your space.


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