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6 Home Renovations You Can Do Without Hiring a Pro

December 4, 2023 at 2:43 PM PST

When the interior design scheme of your home suddenly gives you the ick, it’s normal to seek immediate change. Sometimes, throwing out an old sofa does the trick. Other times, it takes something more to satisfy those jitters that make us want to pack up everything we own the next day. While extensive projects require a skilled professional contractor, who may not be available for months, there are home upgrades you can complete in a short amount of time without an expert. Moreover, renovating your own home instead of outsourcing cuts costs. It’s essential, however, to be realistic about your improvement plan. Knowing what to attempt and what to avoid ensures that your hard work produces stunning results, not unnecessary damage. Read below for six manageable renovation projects that will get you to fall in love with your home again.

1. Carpet Removal

Removing worn carpets improves aesthetics and may impact the indoor air quality, contributing to your health. To start this easy renovation, clear the room of furniture and use a utility knife to cut the carpet into strips. Then, carefully pull it up, rolling as you go. Remove the padding beneath and dispose of the debris. Next, you’ll want to remove any tack strips and adhesive residue when swapping out the carpet for different flooring. Vacuum and clean the foundation thoroughly before installing something new.

2. Laying Tile or Vinyl Flooring

Tile or vinyl flooring offers durability and visual appeal. Begin by measuring the space and shopping around for an option that’s more your style. Work on a clean, dry, and level foundation or your flooring might lift or appear uneven. Start in a corner and apply adhesive, or use interlocking tiles. Use spacers to maintain uniform gaps between tiles, cutting them as needed. Finish by applying grout.

3. Installing Window Treatments

Window treatments are a simple renovation that add privacy and elegance to any room. Measure the window dimensions, then decide whether blinds, curtains, or shades suit the space. Install each using the required mounting system (typically rods or brackets). Create a dramatic feel with wall or floor-length treatments, and avoid choosing styles that will date your space.

4. Replacing Door Hardware and Paint

Upgrading the hardware and applying a fresh coat of paint instantly elevates the look of your doors overnight. Start by choosing the knobs or handles that fit the existing holes in the door. Remove the old hardware using a screwdriver and install the new pieces, being sure to align everything correctly. When painting, consider how the color complements that walls in your home, always opting for uniformity.

5. Adding Shelving

Installing shelves optimizes storage and organization in your space. Determine the placement and mark where the brackets will go. Use a level to ensure the shelves are straight, then a ruler or tape measure to mount them an even distance apart. Drill the shelves into the wall and test their stability. A collapse could cause damage to the floor, walls, and the objects it held.

6. Switching Light Fixtures

Changing light fixtures resets the ambiance of a room. You can find ones that exude sophisticated glamour, minimalism, traditionalism, and any other design style. Uniformity isn’t so important here, so get creative. Prioritize safety first by turning off the power to the light source. Uninstall the previous lighting by unscrewing it from the bracket, disconnecting the wiring, and removing the mount. To replace it, connect the new wires, secure the fixture, and install the recommended bulbs. After installation, flip the power back on, and voila!


From minor tweaks to major overhauls— these are the insights that add style and comfort to your home.


Whether it’s luxury or ease, every area of your home should be as fabulous and unique as you.



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