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Renovate Before & After Closet Transformation

Before & After: This Corner Got Upgraded Into a Glamorous Closet

October 20, 2023 at 2:00 PM PST

There’s nothing like taking a space from drab to fab and giving it a new purpose. Having a vision and executing it through renovation and personal style is a win that everyone needs. Rahel Brhane, a social media influencer and digital creator, is one example of someone who brought their vision to life, and she can show you how too. She took a simple corner and transformed it into a glamorous closet with extra storage space. While displaying her favorite pieces, Brhane gave her space an instant upgrade that took her room to a new level. Use this transformation as inspiration to creatively challenge yourself by taking an average space and making it convenient for you and your needs.

@rahelbrhane_ It’s me waiting over a year to do this?? Anyways I am obsesseddd and it was literally so easy to bring together! What do you think 🥹 ALSO for a shoulder bag girl these bag display stands are IT! All products I added & already had are below and I have linked my Amazon storefront in my bio! Sidenote: Marlon ate that up! If you need to hire someone for mounting jobs I have his contacts lol IKEA 2x LACK Wall shelf (white stained oak effect) LACK Wall shelf unit MALM 3-drawer chest AMAZON 1x 2 Pack Clothing Rack Wall Mount 2x Handbag Display Stand – Set of 2 Large Stackable Velvet Jewelry Trays – Set of 4 #diy #diyproject #closettour #closetorganization #closettour #ikeafinds #amazonfinds ♬ original sound – Evan The DJ


Before, Brhane’s corner was nothing special. She used it for extra space to store her clothing items on clothing racks, but it wasn’t appealing to the eye and had no structure. What started as an area to hang extra clothing became old and boring, and it needed a special touch.


Thanks to her clever idea of a corner transformation, the final result is everything you could want and more. She implemented organization with shelves, showed off her stylish looks by putting her favorite pieces on display, and utilized minimal, sleek pieces for her furniture. Brhane was able to maximize her space to the fullest by adding some practical pieces to make it functional but also aesthetically pleasing at the same time. Her perfume and jewelry tray, for example, give her easy access to grab her favorite scents and accessories.

This upgrade isn’t hard to achieve, either—you can easily get this look for yourself, too. Scroll to take a look at the pieces she used to bring her space to life:

IKEA’s MALM 3-Dresser Chest

IKEA's MALM 3-Dresser Chest is perfect for extra storage. It's the perfect size for a room that may not offer too much space—it fits just right with three drawers and plenty of space in each. Rahel doubled up with two of these dressers for an effective storage solution, and with a minimal design, it really brought the closet transformation together. The chest has smooth-running drawers with a pull-out stop feature that makes it easy to open and close as needed.

IKEA’s LACK Wall Shelf Unit

Rahel uses the IKEA LACK Wall Shelf Unit to display her shoes and places it in the center of her transformation. With shallow shelves, this unit allows you to store those quality items you want to put on display without taking up too much space in the room. Because it's narrow and slender and mounted vertically, it's perfect for maximizing space and introducing a vertical element. You can also mount it horizontally to achieve the same goal—it offers a modern, sleek look to any space.

IKEA’s LACK Wall Shelf

Adding floating shelves to a space will always be a great addition. It's a nice perch and effortlessly can make your stored items easily accessible. In the corner closet transformation, you'll see how Rahel uses her floating shelves to show off her purses and bags to complement her stylish shoes and other clothing pieces on display. Shelves provide more storage space, and when assembled correctly, it becomes one with the wall. It's a simple design that also provides functionality and practicality.

Elibbren 2 Pack Clothing Rack Wall Mount

Placed under her IKEA shelves and above her dressers, Rahel uses the Elibbren 2 Pack Clothing Rack Wall Mount to hang up her clothing. The wall mount is made up of high quality black iron pipes, providing a durable and sturdy installation. They come in a  pack of two and can hold up to 132 pounds. With a smooth black finish, the clothing rack mounts also give an industrial vibe while still achieving a modern look.

Elitnus Black Bag Handbag Display Stand

The Elitnus Black Bag Handbag Display Stand is a simple item you didn't know you needed. While you can easily place your purses and handbags anywhere, displaying them on a stand adds a more luxurious touch. Rahel brought the glamour with these stands, and adding them on top of her floating shelves was the perfect finishing touch. The stand works for both tall and short bags and allows you to admire your beautiful bags even from across the room. Its sturdy metal is coated with black powder for durability and will instantly upgrade your space no matter where you place it.

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