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Crafting Culture at Home: Shop Expedition Subsahara's Artisanal Home Goods

September 1, 2023 at 12:59 AM PST

August is coming to a close, but that doesn’t mean you have to stop supporting your favorite Black business. In honor of Black Business Month, Home & Texture is highlighting Black entrepreneurs in the home design and decor space. From skilled artisans to bustling businesses, there’s no better time to celebrate Black excellence in design.

What is Black Business Month?

Black Business Month is an annual observance that celebrates Black entrepreneurship of the past, present, and future. Entrepreneurs Frederick E. Jordan and John William Templeton started the special holiday back in 2004 as a way to celebrate Black businesses that are often underrepresented. There are many ways to celebrate Black Business Month, from hosting fundraisers to sharing stories. However, the best way to take part in the festivities is the shop at a Black-owned business. Not only does supporting Black businesses help create more jobs and financial stability, but it also contributes to increasing economic empowerment for all.

The owner of Expedition Subsahara, Sofi Seck
Photo credit: Expedition Subsahara

Introducing Expedition Subsahara

Expedition Subsahara is a Black business taking the home goods space by storm. There you can find everything you need to decorate your home, from woven baskets to hand-carved art. The brand places an emphasis on its West African roots, creating designs inspired by the many tribes in the region. Plus, each decorative product is handmade with the utmost care, making Expedition Subsahara your go-to for adding a bit of culture to your home. This bustling brand is on a mission to create quality designs that connect cultures. From placemats to planters, the company has everything you need and more to enhance your home in style. Even better, you can support a Black business in the process. To learn more about this innovative Black brand, here are four reasons you should shop Expedition Subsahara:

A young West African woman
Photo credit: Expedition Subsahara

1. The brand supports girls and women.

Expedition Subsahara is committed to providing better opportunities for girls and women. So much so, that since its inception in 2018, the company hired more than 120 female weavers to help bring its designs to life. This not only plays a positive role in creating useful opportunities for female talent, but it also contributes to creating financial prosperity across the diaspora.

Photo credit: @expeditionsubsahara/Instagram

2. Two Words: Marché Senegal

A marché — which translates to “market” — is a bustling African marketplace where locals connect to buy and sell their best goods. The lively marketplace is filled to the brim with expert quality products, from bright and bold textiles to handcrafted jewelry. In Senegal, marché is a popular event that many in the community look forward to. Expedition Subsahara recreates that exact magic with its collection of Senegalese designs inspired by the community event. Whether you prefer handcrafted bags or decorative sculptures, the Marché Senegal collection is one you certainly don’t want to miss.

Photo credit: @expeditionsubsahara/Instagram

3. Expedition Subsahara Celebrates the Unseen

Expedition Subsahara is committed to introducing West African history and culture to its customers. There, you can find a number of journal posts featuring the many different tribes, holidays, and little-known facts about West Africa unknown to the Western world. It can be a fun way to learn more about Africa, its people, and history while shopping for home decor. Plus, it can tell you a lot about the origins of the decor you decorate your home with.

4. The brand is big on education.

Expedition Subsahara also has plans to start a school for girls in Senegal. 39 percent of young Senegalese girls up to age 15 are literate, but that figure is nearly double for young boys. To bridge the gap, Expedition Subsahara is planning to build a STEAM — science, tech, engineering, arts, math — school for girls to learn and grow. This way, young girls and teens in West Africa can have a greater chance at obtaining the necessary education required to make their dreams come true.


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