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Tahwii Spicer, Owner and Curator of The Porter House Co., Talks Timeless Style and Growing With Your Home

August 9, 2023 at 8:38 PM PST

August is Black Business Month, and Tahwii Spicer, founder and creator of The Porter House Co., isn’t letting design trends dictate how she curates her shop. Instead of trying to keep up with the current trends, Spicer is playing the long game. She wants shoppers to find items in her store that can last in their homes forever with a minimalist style.

Spicer isn’t a rookie when it comes to running her own business. Before she launched The Porter House Co., she operated a business that sold children’s goods. But during the pandemic, she noticed a shift in her life. Not only was her family growing, but her taste was evolving. Instead of forcing herself to keep her business running, she recognized she was outgrowing it and launched The Porter House Co. In a recent interview with Home & Texture, Spicer talked about how she’s connecting with other Black home designers and embracing her evolving style.

Meet Tahwii Spicer

Tahwii Spicer the porter house
Photo credit: Tahwii Spicer

H&T: How would you describe your style as it relates to your home?

TW: It’s constantly evolving. I would say the common thread of all of it is just being timeless. There are wonderful things that come along with trends and, with trends, there are things that are repeated from the past. [But] you want pieces you are going to love forever. But I feel like you shouldn’t feel the need to constantly replace things throughout the years. As one gets older and is establishing roots in their home, I believe that’s the perfect opportunity for getting investment pieces that you can design around like throw pillows. The bigger foundational pieces I think are what makes the space and makes you fall in love with whatever you’re creating.

The Porter House Co. Owners Tahwii Spicer
Photo credit: Tahwii Spicer

H&T: How do you go about finding other Black home interior designers and other artisans to add to your shop?

TW: The wonderful thing about social media is that it’s much easier to find people of color in this industry. [When it comes to trade shows] I’ll go once I know for sure that there’ll be black designers and artists there. High Point Market (HPMKT) is probably the best right now. It’s like the New York Fashion Week of the design industry. [For professionals], we offer trade accounts and give them up to a 20% discount depending on the items.

CERCLE Knob Large by designer Maha Alavi
Photo credit: Maha Alavi

H&T: We are seeing trends of hardware updates that can bring value to your home, especially with the trends of mixing metals. What are your thoughts on hardware and what are some of your favorite pieces in your current collection? 

TW: I love the idea of mixing metals. I think it really just [looks] effortless. I would say my favorite would probably be the towel bar and the brass. But brass and bronze can develop a patina over time if they are not lacquered. We have a circle knob, [it’s] large and it’s a super gaudy type of knob. But I feel if you have something that’s classic [such as] cabinets are concerned, it’s just a really nice element of interest [to add to your] room. Hardware can definitely make or make or break a space if you don’t choose something that’s the right size.

Spicer talks timeless home pieces for Black Business Month
Photo credit: Tahwii Spicer

H&T: What is your favorite and least favorite room to decorate?

TW: My favorite is probably the family room because it’s outside of the kitchen. Everybody loves it there and it is where all the action is. And I love that. I can have nice things but still make [the space] livable with young kids. We have a minimalist approach in our house. So there’s lots of movement a lot of open space for your eyes. The least favorite honestly is the kids’ room. For me, being a minimalist is like wanting the room to grow and not be too baby-ish but also wanting them to enjoy the room.

LITHIC Lounge Chair by Maha Alavi
Photo credit: Maha Alavi

H&T:  For a minimalist like you, what’s your approach to decorating your home for the holidays? 

TW: I feel like people are not going to give up the fresh greenery even though it sheds all over the place like crazy. To me, it’s sort of a treat. I also feel like I saw a bit of this last year, the old-school candles that people put on the trees and I feel like that’s just going to [continue to trend]. I feel like people want to incorporate more meaningful, sentimental items instead of just going out and buying like the most popular trend of the season.

This article has been edited and condensed for length and clarity.



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