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Outdoors Fire Pit Seating Ideas To Use This Fall

6 Fire Pit Seating Ideas To Make Your Guests Feel at Home

September 29, 2023 at 2:35 AM PST
Outdoors Fire Pit Seating Ideas To Use This Fall

6 Fire Pit Seating Ideas To Make Your Guests Feel at Home

September 29, 2023 at 2:35 AM PST

Fall is the perfect season to cozy up outside with a warm pumpkin spice latte. With the weather getting chilly and the colorful leaves falling, we’re reminded of the warmth and togetherness of the season. Not only is fall a time to enjoy fresh baked cinnamon rolls, visits to the pumpkin patch and the Starbucks fall menu, but it’s also a time for holiday fun! With Halloween and Thanksgiving right around the corner, everyone is gearing up to pull out the fall decorations for both the inside and outside of the house.

For the outdoors, it’s not only time to start thinking about pumpkins on the front porch, outdoor inflatables, lights, and fake tombstones, it’s also time to think about backyard decor. If you have already taken the step to purchase and add your fire pit to your backyard, the next step is to think about seating. If you plan on entertaining guests, friends and family with outdoor game nights, movie nights, wine and charcuterie nights, book clubs and more, you’ll want some cozy outdoor seating to make your guests feel at home.

Here are six outdoor fire pit seating ideas to make your home cozy and comfortable for the fall.

Boho Style Fire Pit Seating Idea

Create a boho outdoor vibe using wicker chair and pillows with this fire pit seating idea. Pictured: Outdoor furniture.

Do you have a free spirit? Every day in your backyard will feel like Coachella with boho-style seating. For this fire pit seating idea, place a couple of wicker chairs around the fire pit for cozy seating and conversations. This style works best with any type of fire pit, but aesthetically looks great with rectangle fire pits, table fire pits or a metal bowl fire pit. The Southport Patio Egg Chair from Target or Caryl Outdoor Wicker 2 Seater Chat Set from Bed Bath and Beyond are great for a welcoming boho-style vibe.

Colors of the Rainbow

Create a colorful oasis with this fire pit seating idea. Pictured: Colorful outdoor furniture.

If you can’t decide on which colors you want for your fire pit seating area, why not just go with them all? Create a wonderland of colors that will bring a bright and fun vibe to your backyard. The best thing about this furniture style is that you can use whatever color and type of furniture you want. Anthropologie’s Brody Outdoor Sofa, The Marley Outdoor Ottoman from Urban Outfitters and Wayfair’s Camelopardalis Metal Outdoor Chair are all options for those with a colorful and bright aesthetic in mind.

Matching Furniture for Fire Pit Seating Ideas

For backyard fire pit seating ideas, go with a matching furniture set. Pictured: matching outdoor seating.

Nothing gives off a sophisticated and organized vibe like matching outdoor furniture. Guests will think you’re well put together with this fire pit seating idea. Start off by purchasing a few of the same outdoor chairs, then add a few of the same pillows or maybe a few matching blankets to the set. You’ll want to make sure the pillows and blankets match the furniture set. Add a few matching plants to make everything look even more put together.

A Nap By the Fire

Add a hammock to catch up on some sleep by the fire for this cozy fire pit seating idea. Pictured: A hammock.

Get some z’s and enjoy a nice nap by the warm fire pit with a small hammock. While this fire pit seating idea isn’t traditional, it’s perfect for those who want to have a nice relaxing night by the fire. Kick your feet up, lie back and enjoy the warm embrace of the hammock and fire. Add a few lights, turn on some jazz music and bring a cozy pillow or blanket to enjoy the crisp fall air.

Fire Pit Seating Ideas for a Nice Date Night

This fire pit seating idea allows you to create a romantic night under the stars. Pictured: A s'mores kit with a fireplace.

Create a romantic ambience right in your backyard. Grab a couple of soft blankets and pillows and set them around the fire pit for a romantic picnic, game night, or movie night. This fire pit seating idea setup is perfect for those looking for a nice and inexpensive date night. Bring out the projector, a sheet and some lights to hang up and curl up to watch your favorite movie. Cook your favorite dinner, bring your favorite snacks or create a charcuterie board for an outdoor picnic date. Plan a fun little activity like painting, stargazing, roasting marshmallows for s’mores or drawing while enjoying your outdoor picnic by the fire pit.

Cozy Furniture Sets and Chairs

Set the tone for a cozy fall night with this fire pit seating idea. Pictured: Cozy Outdoor Furniture.

Now that you have your fire pit, it’s time to add your furniture. If you want to keep things simple, add a few comfy sofas and chairs for guests to feel more at home. If you have a bigger space, utilize it by adding two small sofas and a couple of chairs. For a smaller space, add a circle of chairs around the fire pit or two small cozy couches on each end of the fire pit. This fire pit seating idea is great for those who are looking for inexpensive options and easy decoration. Ashley Furniture’s Adirondack Chairs and the Serene Acacia Outdoor Daybed from Bed Bath and Beyond are inexpensive options for gathering around the fire pit.



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