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These 22 Unique Holiday Gifts Are All Under $50

November 23, 2023 at 10:00 AM PST

When it comes to showering your loved ones with gifts, the idea of sparing no expense often comes to mind. Unfortunately, your heart doesn’t always align with your bank account. Times are tough, but the good news is that finding unique gifts under $50 has never been easier.

Gifting on a budget without sacrificing thought or quality is essential. You’d hate for your recipient to feel shortchanged. Luckily, there are unique gifts that will bring a smile and possibly a tear to your loved one’s eye when they unwrap their gifts.

Simple, meaningful gifts, such as a cold brew bottle for a coffee lover or a phone jail escape room for your favorite puzzle solvers, are perfect for giving this holiday season. From those who have a sweet tooth and would love a trio of unique chocolate bars to those cooking aficionados who are always trying a new recipe, there is a budget-friendly gift for everyone. From silly to thoughtful and practical to self-caring, here’s a list of unique holiday gifts under $50.

SOMA Double Wall Glass Tea and Coffee Cold Brew Bottle

Starting the morning with caffeine is a must for some. The SOMA Brew Bottle is a great way to brew pour-over coffee, cold brew, or tea. Specially designed, the double wall glass keeps beverages at the right temperature while also keeping hands safe. The spill-proof lid makes it great for taking coffee or tea on the go.

Pretty Spirits White Sage Sticks

White sage has long been used to cleanse spaces of negative energy in a ritual called smudging. These White Stage Sticks from Pretty Spirits are bundled with the Blue Sinuata flower for additional healing energy. Each hand-tied stick is grown and harvested in California and stored in an air-conditioned environment to ensure it arrives fresh.

Street Ropez Goddess Glitter Double Dutch Ropes

The Goddess Glitter Double Dutch Ropes are beautiful, high-quality ropes. Made by Street Ropez, a subsidiary of Black Girls Jump, each rope is 14 feet long, and great for beginners and expert jumpers. The sturdy, transparent ropes are filled with glitter, are wind-resistant and strong enough not to get damaged on concrete.

Phone Jail Escape Room Game

It is a fun gag gift for the person who is always on their phone. If they want their beloved smart device back, they’ll have to solve one of more than 160 puzzles and riddles that, once solved, will release their phones from the locked cell. The metal cage is large enough to imprison up to seven phones. Escape from four areas: boiler room, infirmary, solitary confinement, and the warden’s office. Buy it for yourself and gift the experience to guests at your next party. When no one is looking, reveal that their devices have been captured and work together to set them free.

Ticket Stub Diary

For those sentimental music lovers, this diary is a way to chronicle your concert adventures. They can log every event, from festivals to Broadway shows, with this ticket stub diary. There’s plenty of room on the pages to include a summary of their feelings during the show, their favorite moments, or a photo of themselves and their crew. They can get creative and turn this diary into a keepsake to reflect on their favorite live performances.

Topdrawer Takenaka Double Layer Bento Box

Bento boxes are a compact, easy way to take at-home meals and turn them into on-the-go options. Made from recycled bottles, the Topdrawer Takenaka Double Layer Bento Box is dishwasher and microwave-safe. It comes in 12 colors and includes a fork and an elastic band to keep food safe.

CPLA Moon Lamp

Add a little ambiance to any space with the CPLA Moon Lamp. The realistic, full moon lamp comes with a wooden base to easily compliment any decor. Available in 3 sizes, the lamp uses a low-voltage LED bulb. Use touch or the remote to switch between one of 16 colors to set the mood best.

Daneson Whiskey-Infused Toothpicks

These bourbon-soaked picks will upgrade their toothpick game. Toothpicks remove things from their teeth; however, these add something. They’ve been soaked in barrel-aged Kentucky bourbon and provide a kick of booze to quiet your digestion after a nice meal.

Homesick Barbie Dreamhouse Candle

Experience the fantastic life in plastic with this candle inspired by the most famous doll ever made. The Barbie Dreamhouse Candle will transport you to her Malibu palace with hints of rose and jasmine. Made with custom oils in a reusable glass jar, you’ll get over 60 hours of burn time.

Top 100 Movies Scratch Off Poster

This two-in-one gift is perfect for your cinema enthusiast. This scratch-off poster serves as a watchlist for 100 of the top movies of all time. As they cruise through the list, they’ll scratch off the movies. When they’re done, they can frame the finished poster in their home as movie decor.

KOA+ROY CBD Massage Cube

Help the environment while soothing aches and pains. The CBD Massage Cube from KOA+ROY is made from organic plant butter and infused with 400mg of CBD. Rub the cube on achy muscles or joints to reduce pain and inflammation. The hemp-derived extract is also said to aid in relaxation. For every cube sold, a tree will be planted through the non-profit One Tree Planted.

Marble & Brass Cheese Knives

These elegant cheese knives feature the perfect contrast of rich white marble and polished brass. Each piece is handcrafted, with blades honed to lathe turn the stone, making each variation unique. They will complement the cheese boards and ceramic platters at their next holiday party beautifully.

Astronaut Candle Warmer Lamp

Add a touch of whimsy to any decor with The Gift Venus Astronaut Candle Warmer Lamp. The lamp uses soft halogen light to warm candles, distributing their scent throughout a space. The anti-slip bottom keeps the lamp firmly in place, while the dimming feature and upgraded timer allow for more control of the throw of the scent.

The Handbook of Forgotten Skills: Timeless Fun for a New Generation

This book hopes to restore that lost art. Your giftee will probably giggle, as they begin to cruise over the lessons on these pages. Then, they’ll probably be grateful as they realize they don’t know how to do some of the things listed. At the end of this book, they’ll learn how to make a bird feeder, build a campfire, sew by hand, grow and dry herbs, skip stones and more.

ESTHER PEREL Where Should We Begin Game of Stories

Relationship expert Esther Perel crafted this game. It’s designed to unlock the story of your life through meaningful prompts and questions that will lead to a stronger relationship with your family, friends, co-workers, and partner. The deck has 280 conversation starter cards and will spark meaningful discussions on any occasion.

Makety Personalized Recipe Book

Keep the tradition of passing down recipes alive. Your cook enthusiast will cherish their own personalized recipe book. Here, they can jot down all of their unique ingredients and flavor combinations to leave for the next generation. The pages have a section for listing ingredients, the steps of the recipe, and notes for little add-ons or other alternatives for the dish.

Momofuku Ultimate Chocolate Trio

Their sweet tooth isn’t ready for these chocolate combos. This trio features limited edition chocolate bars in unique flavors thanks to the collaboration with Raaka Chocolate. The chili chocolate crunch is a dark chocolate mixed with Mexican chilis and garlic to give a savory, spicy, and slightly sweet flavor. The miso potato chip uses an actual potato chip that adds a unique crunch. Then there’s the white chocolate crispy rice bar inspired by caramelized white chocolate pie, a favorite dessert at the Momofuku Noodle Bar. The pie is topped with crispy rice, the texture that’s been infused into this bar, along with crushed waffle cones.

Colsen Tabletop Fireplace

In minutes, their living room can be filled with cozy campfire vibes with this tabletop fireplace. Easy to light and extinguish, this flame lasts approximately 40 to 50 minutes, plenty of time to sit around with friends and roast s’mores. It even gives off some warmth. When not burning, it’ll add a touch of modern decor to their space.

Fresh Milk Moisturizing Bodycare Gift Set

This body care set is infused with plant-based milk from Centella, rice, and linseed. The set is designed to soothe, comfort, and strengthen the skin. The body wash helps to maintain the skin’s natural pH balance. The lotion delivers deep hydration, and the hand cream will keep their skin from drying.

Positive Messages in a Bottle

This bottle is filled with 50 positive affirmation messages with a motivational quote to add to their morning routine. The messages reduce anxiety and depressed feelings, minimize frustration and anger, practice gratitude, increase happiness and improve energy. They also can serve as a prompt for morning meditation or daily journaling.

Locca Premium Boba Tea Kit

This boba tea kit has everything they need to make their own drink. It has three premium loose-leaf tea flavors, Boba tapioca balls and easy-to-follow recipe cards. The ingredients will yield more than 20 drinks. Hopefully, they’ll share one with you.

Extraordinary Things to Cut Out and Collage

For the scrapbook and vision board besties, this book of cutouts will be perfect. Collated by pop art collage artist Maria Rivans, this book is filled with more than 1500 images ready to be cut out and used for their own visual projects. There are animals, flowers, buildings, faces, toys, ephemera, and more. It also includes inspiration and a step-by-step guide.

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