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Hosting Guest Etiquette

Home Etiquette: 8 Things To Do When Visiting Someone’s Home

April 25, 2023 at 1:54 AM PST
Hosting Guest Etiquette

Home Etiquette: 8 Things To Do When Visiting Someone’s Home

April 25, 2023 at 1:54 AM PST

As the weather gets warmer, chances are that you’ll start receiving an influx of invitations to dinner parties, barbecues and other shindigs at your friend’s home. Millennials are the new adults of the world, and they now are easing into owning homes, starting families and hosting events. When visiting someone’s home, whether it’s your friend or an associate, there are home etiquette rules you should follow. These simple rules ensure that you are respectful and considerate of the homeowner and their space.

Homeowners are welcoming others into their homes. Visitors that follow these home etiquette rules will be welcomed over and over again.

Be Punctual

If someone invites you to a dinner they’re hosting for a specific time, make it a habit to arrive on time. It is disrespectful of the host’s time for you to keep them waiting. It also can disrupt plans if you arrive too early. Try to arrive as close to the time they stated as possible without being late.

Don’t Show Up Empty-Handed

friends and family gathering for a dinner party
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Visitors should not show up to someone’s home empty-handed. You don’t have to bring an extravagant gift. A small token of your appreciation will do. Show gratitude for the host’s hospitality by bringing over a bouquet of flowers, a bottle of wine or a dessert.

Remove Your Shoes

Be prepared to take your shoes off when arriving at someone’s home. Shoes carry a lot of germs, and most homeowners prefer that they are removed at the door. If you’re unsure of your host’s preference for wearing shoes in their home, make sure to ask them.

Offer A Helping Hand

friends making dinner together
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After arriving with a small gift in hand, ask your host if they need help with anything. This can include helping to set the table, make drinks or prepare food. Whether your host accepts your offer or not, they will appreciate your gesture.

Use Coasters

In the same way that you won’t want someone coming into your home and messing up your table, you should take precautions with putting drinks on the host’s table. Ask for a coaster to prevent damage to their furniture. If there isn’t a coaster, use a napkin or paper towel.

Be Respectful And Keep It Tidy

Remember that you’re in someone’s home. Be respectful of their personal space, and don’t touch anything without their permission. This avoids breaking and spilling items. Don’t leave your personal belongings, like your handbag, coat or shoes, scattered throughout the host’s home.

This also applies to your host’s house rules. If they say no smoking or no pets, make sure to follow those guidelines. Homes are a representation of the person’s personal space, and it should be respected.

Clean Up After Yourself

dinner spread with friends
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Offer to help your host with dishes or to clean up after dinner. If you’re staying there for multiple days, make sure to keep the room you’re staying in clean. This means making the bed, making sure the bathroom stays clean and tidying up.

Know When It’s Time To Go

Never be that person that overstays their welcome. Do not linger for a while when it’s time to leave. It’s important to read the room. If it feels like your host is ready for alone time or has plans afterward, then honor that and leave. Make sure to thank them for their hospitality and let them know that you enjoyed your time.

Guests should remember to practice gratitude and be respectful. If you follow these home etiquette guidelines, you’ll make a great impression and always be welcomed back.



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