DIY Backyard Party Ideas: 5 of Our Favorites
Hosting DIY Backyard Party Ideas

DIY Backyard Party Ideas: 5 of Our Favorites

March 10, 2023 at 8:12 PM PST
Hosting DIY Backyard Party Ideas

DIY Backyard Party Ideas: 5 of Our Favorites

March 10, 2023 at 8:12 PM PST

We are a week away from the official start of spring and couldn’t be more excited. In anticipation we’re already brainstorming DIY backyard party ideas to help kick-off the new season.

The first day of the season starts on March 20th. Right around that time, people will likely start coming out to enjoy the sun, blooming flowers, and outdoor activities as the weather warms. One of our favorite ways to usher in the new season is by throwing a backyard party. In fact, spring is the unofficial start of backyard party season, which goes throughout summer. Backyard parties are a chance to get your family and friends together, vibe out and enjoy delicious grilled food and cold, refreshing drinks. It’s also a great way to boost endorphins by getting your daily dose of vitamin D after being inside for most of the fall and winter.

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If you don’t use your backyard, this is your sign to decorate and make the most of your outdoor space. It’s essential to enjoy the fruits of your labor. Decorating your backyard space doesn’t have to be complicated — plenty of cool DIY projects will elevate your outdoor decor. You’ll also feel proud of yourself and accomplished when finishing a DIY project.

Whether you’re inviting guests over to celebrate a life milestone, birthday, or the beauty of the spring season, here are DIY ideas to bring your backyard party to life.

Instagram-Worthy Backdrop

Inviting guests to your home should feel like an exclusive experience. Having a beautiful backdrop is key if you want your backyard to transport people to another world. You don’t need to spend much money on a backdrop, nor does it take much time. You only need a tissue paper flower kit, foam boards, faux greenery, cardboard, and scissors. The tissue flower kit makes it easy to create flowers.

DIY YouTuber Pamazonwarrior shares a fantastic tutorial on how she executed a massive DIY flower wall using products from Dollar Tree.

DIY Donut Display


Your guests need a sweet treat, and a donut board is one of the easiest dessert displays to make. Donut boards are great because they’re an unfussy way to satisfy your sweet tooth and don’t require much clean up. All you need is a wooden board, pegs, and a drill. If working with wood isn’t your thing, Etsy has excellent options for purchasing a DIY donut board. This one is our favorite.

Candlestick Upgrade

Spending hundreds of dollars on candlesticks isn’t necessary. You can get the same look for less by taking a trip to your local Dollar Store. Purchase candlesticks and spray paint them in the color of your choice. Matte black, gold, and silver are options that will instantly elevate your tablescape. You can complement the candles with flowers, eucalyptus, and more.

Gold Leaf Vase

Creating a gold leaf vase is simple and will upgrade your backyard dining set. It’s a great decor piece for those who identify with the luxe legacy design style. YouTuber @Lahlahlandhomedecor shows us a simple way to create a beautiful gold leaf vase. You can add pampas grass, eucalyptus, or fresh flowers to create an arrangement that welcomes guests visually.

Sugar-Rim Champagne Glasses

Toast to the good life with a sparkly sugar-rimmed champagne flute. This DIY hack is really easy and adds a luxe touch to any backyard party. Surprise and delight your guests with bubbles and sparkles.

YouTuber Diary of a Mad Black Bartender gives us two options for creating DIY sugar-rim champagne glasses. The first option consists of using lemons, sugar, and sparkles. The second option uses simple syrup and glitter. Both options will give you a beautiful, sparkly result.

What DIY hacks will you implement this spring and summer when hosting backyard parties?



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