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House Tours Ayesha Selden

House Tours: This Is The One Item in Ayesha Selden’s Home You Need

August 16, 2023 at 6:37 PM PST

Take a virtual tour of art collector Ayesha Selden’s home, and you’ll likely be blown away by the impeccable design and robust art collection. If you haven’t yet, tune into the first episode of Home & Texture’s House Tours season two for a visual treat. While we’re obsessed with every item in her Los Angeles pad, there’s one item in particular that sent us on a hunt to find — her magnificent black and gold stove. We’re happy to say our search was successful, and it wouldn’t be us if we didn’t share our find with our Home & Texture fam.

Ayesha Selden House Tours
Photo Credit: Nina Menconi

ZLINE Autograph Edition Dual Fuel Range in Black Stainless Steel and Gold Accents

Down to the gold accents, this stove is everything and more. For those who find joy in cooking (and eating), the tools and appliances you use can greatly impact your culinary experience. This luxury appliance isn’t just a stove. It’s a work of art and a statement piece that merges function with style.

All About Aesthetics

The first thing that captured our attention was the dual fuel range’s stunning black stainless steel finish. Unlike the ever-present silver stainless steel, this hue exudes understated luxury and is a standout addition to a modern kitchen. The gold accents are intentionally integrated, adding an opulent touch.

ZLINE Autograph Edition 48” 6.0 Cubic Feet Dual Fuel Range in Black Stainless Steel and Gold Accents
Photo Credit: Home Depot

A Powerhouse in the Kitchen

The ZLINE dual fuel range is not only undeniably chic, but it is also a powerhouse in the kitchen. It has a generous six cubic feet of oven space, providing ample room for your baking needs. It’s the ideal stove for preparing a roast for family dinners to baking trays of cookies when hosting loved ones.

Designed for versatility, the stove has six burners that offer a range of heat outputs, accommodating everything from a slow simmer to a rapid boil. This flexibility ensures precise temperature control, not to mention minimal cleaning due to the hand-finished porcelain one-piece cooktop.

Dual Fuel Capability

One of the standout features of this stove is its dual fuel capability. This means you can get a gas cooktop for immediate temperature control and an electric oven that provides even heating, which is perfect for baking.

Nothing But Quality

With a solid-piece cast iron grill, smooth-gliding racks, and triple-layer insulated glass, this stove demonstrates a commitment to performance and longevity. The Italian-made sealed brass burners are handcrafted and high-quality, giving you an investment that is a statement of luxury.

Not only will this stove elevate your kitchen’s aesthetic, it will be the gateway to delicious meals and desserts for years to come.

Check out the full House Tours episode featuring Ayesha Selden’s home below.

Shop This Must-Have Item From Ayesha Selden's House Tours Episode:

ZLINE Autograph Edition Dual Fuel Range in Black Stainless Steel and Gold Accents

Elevate your culinary space with ZLINE’s Autograph Edition 48” Dual Fuel Range stove. With an exquisite black stainless steel finish, this luxe range is adorned with opulent gold accents, making it a striking work of art in any kitchen. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, this stove combines a gas cooktop with an evenly-heating electric oven. This stove features six versatile burners, a spacious oven capacity, and durable cast iron grilling. It’s the ideal stove for seamlessly merging style with functionality. This stove is designed for professional chefs and passionate home cooks. This stove has a limited lifetime warranty on the ZLINE Italian burners.

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