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House Tours: Ayesha Selden Tells The Story Of Black People In America Through Her Art Collection

August 8, 2023 at 4:05 PM PST

Home & Texture’s House Tours is back for a new season, and this time we’re taking it to the sunny west coast. Join us as we tour stunning homes in South Central, Los Angeles. In the first episode of House Tours, art collector Ayesha Selden invites us in to tour her incredible abode.

Selden started collecting art in February 2021, right before moving into her home. She has since accumulated almost 100 pieces of art and has no plans of slowing down. “Initially, I thought, when I was building the house [that] I wanted plenty of natural light and windows,” says Selden. She quickly changed her mind after seeing how art transformed her space.

“I started collecting art shortly after I bought the house, and what I now know is I want less light and less windows and more walls for art,” Selden shares.

Ayesha Selden
Photo Credit: Nina Menconi

A Lot of Textures, A Lot of Art

Walk through Selden’s home, and her curation and collection of art will blow you away. She prides herself on having a home with a lot of textures and a lot of art. Selden makes sure she supports a lot of local LA artists and artists from the African diaspora.

Her home includes works by artists such as Lauren Pearce, Brandon Deener, Shannon Lewis, Nelson Makamo, and more.

She also proudly displays works by her favorite writers and musicians throughout her home. Acrylic boxes are where you can find some of her most coveted pieces.

Ayesha Selden Home
Photo Credit: Nina Menconi

An In-Home Sanctuary

Although she spends most of her time in her kitchen, Selden heads to her in-home sanctuary when she’s looking for a retreat. Her sanctuary is filled with artwork that evokes intimacy, and it even has a comfortable bed for lounging where she can spend time with her dog Nip Hussle.


When asked if she has any DIY in her home, Selden says, “I don’t do a damn thing myself. I’m not doing it.” She goes on to explain, “I did the work when I built the thing. After that, I’m so sorry, I don’t have it.” Instead of DIY projects, Selden opts to pay professionals to get the job done in her home.

Get a full tour of Selden’s beautiful home by watching the first episode of season 2 of Home & Texture’s House Tours.

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