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Create a House Cleaning Schedule You'll Love (and Stick To) With These Tips

We know that staying on top of your cleaning routine isn't always easy. These tips are here to help.

January 17, 2024 at 6:02 PM PST

When you live a busy life, like most of us do, it’s easy to let chores pile up. Between balancing work, family, and personal time, cleaning may be the last thing on your mind. Having a well-structured cleaning routine in place helps to maintain a healthy living environment and reduces stress by providing a sense of control and accomplishment.

Creating a house cleaning schedule that you’ll stick to is all about finding balance and flexibility within your daily routine. By breaking tasks down, involving others, keeping it fun, and being adaptable, you’ll keep your home clean while enjoying the process.

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Start with a realistic plan.

Assess your routine.

Start by evaluating your daily routine. What are your busiest days? When do you usually have downtime? Plan your cleaning tasks around your schedule, not the other way around. Reserve more of your demanding cleaning tasks for weekends or your days off.

Break it down.

Instead of tackling everything at once, break down tasks into manageable chunks. Daily tasks might include dishes and sweeping, while deep-cleaning tasks like scrubbing the bathroom or cleaning the fridge can be done less frequently.

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Remember teamwork makes the dream work.

If you live with others, involve them in the cleaning schedule. Assign tasks based on ability and personal schedules. This will lighten your load and foster a sense of responsibility and teamwork in your home.

Keep it flexible.

Life is unpredictable. Your cleaning schedule should be adaptable. If you miss a day, don’t stress. Adjust and move on. Flexibility prevents the cleaning schedule from becoming a source of frustration.

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Make it fun.

Turn cleaning into a game. Set timers, challenge each other, or reward completed tasks with something enjoyable. This approach can make mundane tasks more entertaining and engaging.

Remember there’s always room for change.

Periodically review your cleaning schedule. Take note of what’s working and what isn’t. Remember that you’re always evolving, which means that your cleaning schedule will need to fit your ever-evolving needs and preferences.



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