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This Is the Best Routine for Making Laundry Day Less Annoying

September 6, 2023 at 5:38 PM PST

To many Americans, laundry is easily the most annoying household chore. From sorting through piles of dirty clothing to scrubbing stubborn stains, the entire process can be a big hassle. Still, laundry day is a necessary part of adulting. And with a proper routine, you can make your laundry day much less of a hassle.

Upgrade Your Laundry Day Routine

Laundry day is not for the faint of heart. In fact, many people consider it their least favorite household chore. But even though the process can be frustrating, having the right routine can make it less of a headache. To learn how to make sorting, washing, drying, and folding easier, here is the best routine for making laundry day less annoying:

Be proactive.

Sorting laundry can be a pain. To prevent your dirty laundry from piling up, try sorting your clothing after each use. This can make laundry day go by much faster.

Work with your schedule.

Plan the day on a less busy day so you can dedicate time to the task without feeling distracted or rushed.

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Catch up in between loads.

Use this designated time to catch up on your favorite TV shows, podcasts, or movies. This extra time can be a great way to incorporate a bit of self-care into your routine.

Lighten your load.

Use helpful resources such as color-catching sheets to remove the burden of having to separate colors and whites.

Pre-treat stains and soils.

If your clothing is stained or heavily soiled, consider pre-treating the fabric sooner rather than later to prevent stains and soils from setting in. Use a detergent designed to remove stains in order to reduce the need for re-washing.

Use the appropriate settings.

To maximize your appliances, use the right settings when washing and drying your clothing. This way, you can prevent damaging your fabrics to experience the best results.

Clean your lint filter.

While your clothes are washing, check that your lint filter is clean before each dryer load for optimal drying efficiency.

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Fold your clothes ASAP.

To keep your clothing from wrinkling, you should fold them immediately upon removing them from the dryer. Folding your clothing sooner rather than later is also a good habit to have because it prevents clothing from piling up.

Put everything away after use.

As soon as you finish folding your clothing, put everything — from clothing to cleaning detergent — where it belongs. This not only prevents your clothing from wrinkling but also keeps your laundry room organized and ready for the next laundry day load.



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