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Here's How To Extend the Longevity of Your Christmas Tree Once Cut

December 20, 2023 at 1:41 AM PST

When the holiday season approaches, many families look forward to the tradition of having a live Christmas tree in their homes. The vibrant green, the fresh pine scent, and the joy of decorating it mark the start of festive celebrations. However, there is a challenge in keeping the tree fresh and lively for as long as possible. Joseph Demkovich, Sr., a Certified Tree Safety Expert and Director of Franchise Operations and Safety at Monster Tree Service, shares his expertise on prolonging the life of your Christmas tree once it’s been cut.

Selecting the Freshest Tree

The key to a long-lasting Christmas tree begins with its selection. Demkovich stresses the importance of knowing how long it’s been since the tree was cut. Trees that are freshly cut tend to last longer. He suggests, for the freshest possible tree, visiting a Christmas tree farm where you can cut your own. If that’s not feasible, always ask the vendor about the tree’s cutting date and opt for the most recent one.

family selecting Christmas tree
Photo Credit: Any Lane

Optimal Cutting Technique

Once you’ve selected your tree, it’s essential to make a fresh cut at the base. According to Demkovich, an angled cut increases the surface area for water absorption, which is crucial for the tree’s longevity. Promptly placing the tree in a stand and ensuring it’s watered immediately is vital, with regular checks to keep the water reservoir from drying out.

Strategic Placement in the Home

Where you place your Christmas tree can significantly affect its lifespan. Demokovich emphasizes the importance of avoiding hot and dry areas near heating ducts or radiators. These conditions can accelerate the drying process, shortening the tree’s life.

live Christmas tree in home
Photo Credit: Cottonbro Studio

Careful Transportation

Transporting your live tree also requires care. For long distances or when exposed to elements like wind, Demkovich suggests covering the tree with a tarp or similar wind-resistant material. This precaution helps prevent the tree from drying out too quickly.

Choosing Long-Lasting Species

Finally, Demkovich recommends selecting tree species known for their longevity. Fraser firs are the top choice, with Douglas and Balsam firs also known for their durability post-cutting.

By following these expert guidelines, you can enjoy a healthy and vibrant Christmas tree throughout the holiday season.



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