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Decorate Stylish Halloween Decor

Pottery Barn Released Super Chic Vintage-Inspired Halloween Decor

August 3, 2023 at 1:44 AM PST
Decorate Stylish Halloween Decor

Pottery Barn Released Super Chic Vintage-Inspired Halloween Decor

August 3, 2023 at 1:44 AM PST

The Pottery Barn Halloween decor is already available for fall-fanatics to shop this year — and the brand is going all out. Their 2023 collection of Halloween decorations embraces all of the spooky season vibes by combining the heart of the theme with a vintage-inspired quality.

Even though lots of people are still in beach and barbeque mode, fall is just around the corner. Before you know it, the leaves will start to crumble and turn colors and Halloween will be here. “As summer winds down, it’s time to start thinking about how you’ll transform your spaces for the holidays,” Pottery Barn stated about the Halloween decor collection. “We make it easy to get ready for harvest season, and Halloween, with decor you can incorporate into every space, from the front door to the dining room.”

Pottery Barn Halloween Decor For 2023

pottery barn Halloween decor 2023
Photo credit: Pottery Barn

For those that love everything morbid and peculiar, you will be over the moon with this collection. However, if blood, gore, and horror aren’t your thing, there are items you can still appreciate.  “Make your spaces scary — but not too scary for the kids — with pillow covers, entertaining essentials, and decorative objects designed by artists in our San Francisco studios, ” Pottery Barn said.

The collection has a beautiful variety of decor pieces for inside and outside the home. It also has impressive drinkware and serveware collections that will certainly keep your guests talking about it for years to come. “Whether you’re hosting an annual costume bash or starting a new tradition, our unique skeleton serve ware and flameless candles will surprise and delight your guests,” Pottery Barn confirmed. And they are right, too. Even the most low-tolerant horror person will be able to appreciate the creative liberties this collection has while staying intune with the spirit of this holiday.

Check out the Pottery Barn Halloween decor that you need to add to your home before it sells out.

Gus the Ghost Pillow

Snuggle up and get comfortable with this ultra-soft and plush Gus the Ghost pillow from Pottery Barn. This sleek and cozy pillow is perfect as a throw pillow or as an extra cushion on your bed. Perfect for guest rooms, nooks, and hallway benches, this pillow is easy to clean and maintain as all it requires is a damp wash cloth to spot-clean it. Made with recyclable polyester, this pillow will remind you of your favorite childhood blanket. This pillow will complement a variety of textures, especially knitted decor pieces. Even if you don't like Halloween, there is no denying how cute this pillow is.  

Haunted House Lidded Candy Bowl

This vintage-inspired Haunted House Lidded Candy Bowl from Pottery Barn may give you nostalgia as it will take you to a time when all your elderly neighbors gave the neighborhood kids the same candy to everyone. You'll love this ghastly candy bowl because not only does it hold a good amount of candy, but it makes for an interesting conversational piece. You can place it in your foyer or entryway so you can keep it near the door for trick-or-treaters or you can put it on your coffee table as a centerpiece. However, don't let the beauty of this haunted house fool you. It's made of stoneware and it's approximately 7 lbs making it sturdy and long-lasting.

Light Up Mr. Bones

Nothing says Halloween like creepy but fun outside decor that will impress visitors each and every time. The Light Up Mr. Bones seasonal decor piece has a warm, vintage feel with its bejeweled decoration spread throughout. This piece comes equipped with energy-efficient lights so you won't think twice about letting these funny bones stay on throughout the night. These ghoulish bones can be placed just about anywhere; both inside and outside of your home. Place them on your porch to give your neighbors and guests a playful wonder to admire or put it in your hallway or entryway to bring some vintage, cozy horror vibes to your space.

Faux Autumn Oak Branch

Nothing says fall like beautiful orange and red colored foliage in your home. This Faux Autumn Oak Branch from Pottery Barn can serve as an eye-catching centerpiece during the fall. This faux branch is ideal for Halloween or when the leaves start to turn. Each branch has approximately 100 leaves, giving you a bountiful appearance that can be set on any table in your home. These branches also have adjustable wires so you can really tap into your inner florist and arrange these to your heart's desires. This lively faux branch will complement any natural or earth-tone pallette making it multi-functional for just about any occasion.

Skeleton Hand Liquor Decanter

Nothing says vintage-inspired quite like a timeless and slightly eerie Skeleton Hand Liquor Decanter. This Halloween season, you can transform your favorite spirits into a hair-raising drinking experience with this unforgettable decanter. This decanter has bony and creepy claws decorating it making it a must-have for your ghostly cocktail parties this season. You can buy this decanter as a standalone piece or you can build a collection from Pottery Barn. Made with brown glass and metal, this decanter will make your guests look twice! With the ability to hold up to 18 oz, you and your guests can have drinks and enjoy your favorite scary movies together.

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