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The VINTERFINT Collection From IKEA Is Turning Up the Cozy Factor This Holiday Season

July 28, 2023 at 7:09 PM PST

You may think it’s too early to start thinking about holiday decor, but IKEA is ready to roll out its upcoming holiday seasonal collection before the first autumn leaves hit the ground. The 2023 IKEA VINTERFINT collection is a collection of cozy and colorful holiday-focused accessories to help you create a holiday to remember for all your loved ones.

About the Collection

The word VINTERFINT is a Swedish word that translates to “nicely winters.” The colors featured are traditional holiday seasonal colors such as red, white, and green, with some gold and silver accents, too. This year, IKEA is focusing on smaller accents as well. With items such as hanging handmade ornaments, candles, and gift wrapping paper, IKEA is looking to be your one-stop shop for all things related to your home for this holiday.

IKEA stated on its website that the VINTERFINT collection is “everything you need for your holiday cooking, eating, decorating, gift-wrapping, and making a wonderful fuss-free festive season for everyone.”

In addition to the home decor, the VINTERFINT collection also has a section for holiday-inspired lighting called the STRÅLA collection. The lights in the STRÅLA collection have LED bulbs that are more durable and energy-efficient than incandescent bulbs, and some products come with a timer that only turns on the light when you are home to appreciate it. The robust packaging is also reusable and safeguards your lights after the season, allowing you to use them over and over again.

You can expect not just festive bulbs and tree lights, but a variety of hanging lights and table lights that will make your home feel cozy during those wintery days.

The 2023 IKEA Christmas Collection will be available in stores and online in October.


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