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Laundry Room Laundry Tips

Fur-Free Laundry: 5 Must-Have Tips For Pet Hair Removal

September 17, 2023 at 1:00 PM PST
Laundry Room Laundry Tips

Fur-Free Laundry: 5 Must-Have Tips For Pet Hair Removal

September 17, 2023 at 1:00 PM PST

Pet hair has the pesky ability to infiltrate every corner of our lives, including our laundry. Whether dealing with stubborn dog hair or clingy cat fur, you may realize that your usual laundry routine may not be enough to get the job done. Here are tips for successfully removing pet hair from your laundry.

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Pre-Treat Your Clothes

Start the hair removal process by shaking your pieces of clothing before throwing them in the washing machine. This simple action can get rid of a surprising amount of hair. You can also remove excess pet hair on clothing using a lint roller before washing. For particularly furry items, try running them through a no-heat tumble cycle in the dryer for about ten minutes. This is an excellent way for the lint trap to catch much of the hair.

Modify Your Washing Routine

Add a cup of distilled vinegar to your wash cycle to help loosen pet hair. Vinegar can act as a natural fabric softener, making your clothes feel softer and helping to remove stubborn hair from fabric. Pour vinegar into the fabric softener compartment of your washing machine and let the magic happen.

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Use Laundry Additives

Use laundry additives specifically designed to remove pet hair. Many high-end detergents now come with “pet-hair removal” formulas that really work. Additionally, using specially designed laundry bags can trap hair, preventing it from getting onto other clothing.

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Double Rinse and Spin

Once the wash cycle is complete, run a second rinse cycle to wash away any lingering pet hair. A second spin can help to dislodge any stubborn strands. Before putting your laundry in the dryer, give each item a good shake to remove the remaining hair.

Dry Smartly

Make sure to clean the lint filter midway. This can be a game change in removing pet hair effectively. Line drying is also a great option as the win can help to blow away loose hairs.



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