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Is Your Apartment Always Messy in the A.M.? Try This Nightly Cleaning Checklist

It's not long, we promise! We'll get you to bed soon.

February 22, 2024 at 8:39 AM PST

With everything happening in a day, it can be hard to fit cleaning into your schedule as often as needed, especially when struggling to find a work/life balance. Going to bed in a cluttered apartment might not make a difference, but coming home to it does. The longer you wait to clean, the bigger the mess becomes until it’s so overwhelming that you push it off until the weekend, and now your few short days of relaxation and downtime have turned into more work. It’s like an endless cycle on a loop that always starts with thoughts like, “This won’t take me that much time,” and ends with ones like, “I should’ve done this on Wednesday.” If you can relate, there’s good news. Repetition is the simplest way to fall into a daily groove and build long-term habits. Don’t know where to start? H&T’s seven-step nightly cleaning checklist can make it easier to stay on track. Pick a consistent evening time, and let’s get down and dirty!

How To Keep Your Apartment Clean in Seven Quick  Steps

1. Wash and dry the dishes.

While most of us would love to use the dishwasher for this step, using it every night isn’t practical when there are only a few dishes. Nevertheless, load it up or throw on your stuffy yellow gloves and wash that dinnerware by hand. Pro tip: add ice cubes, baking soda, white vinegar, and lemon to your garbage disposal and grind it with running water to neutralize food smells.

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Photo Credit: Ron Lach

2. Wipe down surfaces.

Looking at some corners of your home under a microscope would probably make you want to wrap everything in disposable plastic before touching it. Surfaces harbor bacteria, lots and lots of bacteria, so it’s essential to wipe them down often. Spray them with products that have sanitizing properties and a pleasant scent. You don’t have to clean your coffee table every day, though you might want to, but give your kitchen counters a good swipe.

3. Put things away.

This one’s simple and easy. If you used it, put it back. Blankets, coasters, snacks, remotes, and everything in between count; put it where it belongs. You’ll love yourself in the morning for it.

cleaning checklist
Photo Credit: Uliana Kopanytsia

4. Toss laundry in the basket.

Akin to the last step, pick up laundry, and don’t think about it again until wash day. You may want to start here if you’re an unzip it and toss it on the floor type of person. Even if it’s just a few items, scattered clothing can make a home feel way more cluttered than it actually is. Perhaps you’ll discover that a sea of smelly gym clothes is your biggest issue, and cleaning won’t be as time-consuming as you thought.

5. Take out the trash.

Avoid allowing trash to pile up, leading to smelly, lingering odors. These odors may even seep into your trash bin, requiring a deeper scrub. Aim to take out the trash at least every other day, but no more than every two days for the best air quality.

cleaning checklist

6. Sweep or vacuum dirty floors.

Are you an outside shoes or no outside shoes household? Either way, your floors are still dirty. Sweep the kitchen and other heavily trafficked areas to limit dust and debris. For anyone who isn’t in a rush to close their eyes, pull out the Swiffer or steam mop for the ultimate clean. Scented cleaners will leave your home smelling fresh into the morning. Alternatively, add some essential oils to your mopping mixture.

7. Make it smell good.

Lighting a candle or switching on a diffuser doubles as a peaceful conclusion to your busy day and cleaning ritual and a method for infusing fragrances in your home that will last well into the next day. Although you might think to do this earlier, designating a first and last step is an ideal strategy in routine-building.

Start and end with the same behaviors each evening. After a while, you’ll feel that your night isn’t complete without your seven steps, waking up to a comfortable home every morning!



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