Nugget Couch Ideas For a Playful and Fun Home
Home Couch Inspo

Nugget Couch Ideas For a Playful and Fun Home

January 5, 2024 at 2:55 PM PST
Home Couch Inspo

Nugget Couch Ideas For a Playful and Fun Home

January 5, 2024 at 2:55 PM PST

Every kid loves to play and be entertained, and whether it’s running around, jumping on things, playing with toys or dressing up, they love letting their imagination run wild. While you could let your kids run free and jump on your nice couches, wouldn’t a fun alternative be nice? But, how can you decorate your home in a fun way for the kids to play, while still maintaining your aesthetic?

If you want to turn any living room into a furniture playroom, you’ll need a nugget couch. Nugget couches are essentially designed as a play couch. It’s meant to be jumped on, rearranged or used as building blocks for kids (or the adults who love play). Described as the original play couch, the nugget couch is a product that the little ones will love. They’re great for making forts, obstacle courses, reading nooks, cozy movie night cushions and more.

The configurable couch comes with four foam pieces, the base, cushion and two triangle pillows available in 15 shades. The cushions come with washable fabric covers and are sturdy, supportive, functional and stylish. Whether you decide on one couch or multiple couches, here are some nugget couch ideas to turn your home into an indoor playground.

At The Campfire

Have an indoor camping night by creating a tent. For this nugget couch idea, you’ll prop the soft cushion and base of opposite sides, add the triangles to each one for support and drape a blanket over the top to create the tent effect. Grab some s’mores, hot chocolate and popcorn and turn on your favorite interview.

The Ramp

Create a fun ramp for your kids to jump and lay on. This nugget couch idea is super easy! Just lay both the base and cushion down, with one on top of the other. Add a triangle in between the two and play.

Jump on the Trampoline

Create a trampoline out of your furniture with this nugget couch idea.

Make a fun and safe indoor trampoline for the kids to jump on for this nugget couch idea. Put two of the triangle pieces on the floor and lay either the base or cushion on top. Make sure the triangles are at either end so that there is as much jumping room as possible.

A Mini Golf Course

Turn your home or living room into a mini golf course with a few of the green nugget couches. Use the bases and cushions of these couches. Purchase mini golf clubs and sets from Amazon and set up the courses in different areas of your home.

A Comfy Couch

This nugget couch idea can be used to turn your home into a playground. Pictured: A child jumping on a couch with her mom beside her.

Another way to utilize your nugget couch is by turning it into a comfy couch. This idea is perfect for movie nights, indoor date nights, girls’ nights, sleepovers and more and it’s so easy to do! Take the base and lay it flat, then take a cushion or multiple cushions and lay them flat on top. Push it to the wall if it’s not already there and add a few triangles for back support.

Indoor Cave

Another nugget couch idea that’s fun for the kids is a mini cave for them to hide in. Take two bases and lay them up in a square shape. Add a cushion on top and take two of the triangles and put them in the front to act as a door.

Explore the Forest

If you have a few nugget couches, create a cute indoor forest. This is perfect for a themed party or forest-themed movie night. Take the base and keep it folded, laying it upright. Add a triangle on top of it, then open a cushion and lay it on top of the triangle. Add the last triangle on top of the cushion. Now your couch looks like a cute and fun tree. Add string lights to the trees for a nice touch.

Obstacle Course

This nugget couch idea is a fun way to get the kids running around and playing. Create an obstacle course in your home with the pieces. This is a great way to get creative with the shapes and colors of the couch cushions.

Trampoline Park

Use these nugget couch ideas to transform your home into a indoor campground, playground, obstacle course and more. Pictured: A couch

Who needs an indoor trampoline park when you have one at home? Use a few of the nugget couch cushions to make one or multiple trampolines. Lay the base down flat, add your triangles to either side laying upwards and then add the cushion laid flat on top. Now you have your very own trampoline! Create multiple ones for indoor trampoline fun and experiment with different cushions to create shapes.



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