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These Are the Black Christmas Decorations From Target We're Loving This Holiday Season

December 13, 2023 at 7:45 AM PST

Target’s holiday shop embodies inclusivity, and we’re loving it. From Santa Clauses to Nutcrackers, this year’s offerings feature quality Black Christmas decor you will cherish forever at an unbelievable price. The retail giant’s focus on representation doesn’t end with its array of ornaments, stockings, figurines, and snow globes in different shades. Collections like Wondershop’s “Everyone is a Santa” Decor spotlight Santas of all kinds, including Santas in wheelchairs and all genders and sizes. With such attention to detail, this Christmas decor makes the perfect gifts, too!

Giving the best gifts without asking is like an exceptional talent, but unfortunately, most of us don’t possess it. When you want the element of surprise, the last thing you need to do is spoil the novelty for your recipient by directly discussing what’s on their Christmas list. Instead of choosing an item you’re uncertain they may want, you can shop for simple yet meaningful gifts, like Target’s holiday decor. These items are festive enough that anyone can appreciate them, but general too, alleviating some of the holiday pressure.

Where To Place Holiday Decor

Remember that a gorgeous holiday home is about more than the amount of decorations; how you arrange them also matters. Ideally placed above a mantel or on a shelf or console, Elf and Santa figurines are great on their own, but we love to see them in a scene. Add miniature Christmas trees or presents to create a better visual. Though ornaments technically belong on your tree, you can get creative and playful with these by hanging them from hooks or other places in your home. Nutcrackers reserve the same spots as figurines. Lastly, place snow globes in an easily accessible area so you can actually shake them.

Check out six of our favorite Black holiday decorations from Target below and treat yourself or your loved one to a gift that will continue giving precious memories throughout the years.

Santa Fabric Christmas Figurine

The rosy cheeks on this figurine are too charming to resist. It deserves a center spot somewhere near your entryway. The fabric figurine features a female Santa holding a green wreath. It also comes with an attached round base, so you won't need to worry about propping it up.

Wood Santa Wearing Scarf

The little detailing on this traditional-style hanging ornament really catches the eye! The wooden Santa stands on a glittery pink base, wearing a red and white suit, black boots, and a green knit scarf. The contrast between the bright red wooden body and the lime green textured scarf is the element we love most here.

Santa Character Fair Isle Holiday Stocking

Complete with a cap and a beard, this holiday stocking is perfect for all your stocking stuffer needs. It features a Santa on the top, a knitted Faire Isle pattern, and an attached loop at the top for easy hanging throughout your home.

Christmas Earthenware Santa Mug

Get festive with this holiday Santa mug that's functional and cute! Made of Earthenware, you can use the 20-ounce ceramic with both hot and cold liquids. Plus, it's microwave and dishwasher-safe. Want to use it solely as decor? If so, place it on your bar cart for a spirited touch.

Cape Nutcracker Christmas Figure

Make your holiday decor stand out with this wooden gold glitter nutcracker. Regal and elegant, the figurine wears a cape holding a sword and crown. It's poised to take a spot in your living room or on a bookshelf where it can be in full view. We would say your kitchen, but we're unsure if this one can crack any nuts.

Whimsical Christmas Santa Snow Globe

Lively and entertaining, this snow globe features Santa holding a tree and plays "Santa Claus is Coming To Town." The base includes a raised pedestal that says the year, so you'll never forget when you got this musical holiday item. Set it on your mantle or console and listen to it to infuse your home with instant festive cheer.

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