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Design Ideas for Painting Your Hardwood Floors

June 1, 2023 at 6:22 PM PST

If you’re tired of your hardwood floors but aren’t sure what to do, these design ideas for painting your hardwood floors will leave you breathless. It’s easier than you think to paint your hardwood floors without making a mess and without regret. Not to mention, painted floors can instantly refresh the look of any room.

“Painted floors are the ultimate, fresh, open the windows, blow away the cobwebs, scrub the floors, Little-House-on-the-Prairie rustic floor covering,” Annie Sloan, paint and color expert and creator of Chalk Paint, told Country Living. “I’ve used everything from cereal bowls to magazines to create a repeat geometric pattern.”

Painted Floors Design Ideas

If you feel ready to take the plunge into the world of painted floors, here is some design inspo to help you get started:

Muted and Neutral Floors

You can never go wrong with muted and neutral hues on your floor. By opting for a neutral color, you can allow the beauty of the hardwood to shine through. Rather than overpowering the wood with bold or vibrant colors, neutrals provide a subdued backdrop that emphasizes the natural grain and texture of the floor. If you have neutral hues throughout your decor, matching floors will really seal the deal.

Create An Illusion of a Carpet Runner

If you are torn on what carpet to add to your steps, why don’t you just paint one on? Painting your steps is much easier to clean and maintain. However, you don’t have to paint the entire step. Just pick two colors you like and paint one of the colors down the middle to create a faux carpet runner.

Mix Stains and Paints


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Combining stains and paints can create a more visually interesting result by adding depth and dimension to the floor. You can use a darker stain as a base coat and apply a lighter paint on top, then distress or sand the painted surface to reveal hints of the underlying stain, creating a weathered or antique look. Mixing stains with your favorite paint hues can create a one-of-kind look to perfectly match your aesthetic.

Get the Checkerboard Look


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Who doesn’t love a classic checkerboard floor? Checkerboard patterns have a nostalgic and retro charm that will work well with vintage styles. You will especially love this in your kitchen to get that old-school diner look.

Try Some Moody Blue Hues


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Blue hardwood painted floors are so easy to get lost in! If you enjoy all the coastal design trends, you may find yourself wanting to test the waters with some blue wooden floors.

Try any of these DIY design ideas for your wooden floors to achieve the ultimate look and mood for your home.



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