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Wellness Plufl Bed

Take the Best Nap of Your Life With Plufl, the World's First Human Dog Bed

September 1, 2023 at 7:03 PM PST
Wellness Plufl Bed

Take the Best Nap of Your Life With Plufl, the World's First Human Dog Bed

September 1, 2023 at 7:03 PM PST

TikTok is the place to find the hottest products and trends from around the world. From dance challenges to home improvement hacks, the popular platform has it all. Recently, a new, super cool product went viral on the app, and we can certainly understand why. Plufl, the first human ‘dog’ bed in the world, is taking your nap time to new heights.

Meet Plufl

Dogs take nap time very seriously. They can sleep through practically any noise disturbance, and if you wake them from their slumber, they can go right back to sleep. When it comes to nap time, our furry friends can certainly teach us a thing or two.

Enter Plufl, the innovative company that’s transforming the way humans experience sleep. Plufl is touted as “The Original Dog Bed for Humans,” designed for superior sleep quality.

Plufl is committed to providing the best sleep experience possible. The beds are a far cry from your average mattress. Each Plufl is made using non-toxic Certi-Pur certified foam that cradles your body like a hug.

And its fur is not only soft and fuzzy, but it’s also vegan, so you can feel good about your purchase.

The company was founded by college students Noah Silverman and Yukinori Kinoshita, who came up with the idea after stumbling upon customizable dog beds. Little did they know their brainchild would become a viral sensation on TikTok.

“After a week…not even a week…we just struck absolute gold,” Kinoshita said in an interview with Sleepopolis. Their most viewed TikTok video currently sits at 8.4 million views and counting.

In true social media fashion, word about the new innovative company spread like wildfire, boasting over 100 million social media impressions to date. Even notable celebrities like Kevin Jonas and Tori Spelling are big fans of the brand.

And since its debut, the brand continues to grow exponentially. So much so that they have a hard time keeping their revolutionary beds in stock.

Shop the World’s First Human Dog Bed

When many people think of taking a nap, they probably envision a couch or a bed. But to have the best nap ever, you need Plufl, the original dog bed for humans. Not only can Plufl help you sleep better, but it also helps support your head and neck to relieve stress and tension after a long day. Plus, it’s always trending on TikTok, so you know it has to be good. To see what the hype is about for yourself, shop your very own Plufl today:

1Plufl, The Original Dog Bed for Humans

Made from premium mattress-grade orthopedic and memory foam, this bed is the softest, squishiest bed you'll lay your head on. This is thanks in part to its built-in 360° plush pillow bolsters that cradle your neck and head to promote a healthier sleep position.

It also includes handles on either side so you can transport your Plufl anywhere, at any time. And its foldable design means you can conveniently store it in a closet or underneath your bed until you're ready to use it again.

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