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Art Derek Jae Gallery Wall

Here's How To Recreate Celebrity Hair Stylist Derek Jae's Luxe-Looking Gallery Wall

September 1, 2023 at 8:34 PM PST
Art Derek Jae Gallery Wall

Here's How To Recreate Celebrity Hair Stylist Derek Jae's Luxe-Looking Gallery Wall

September 1, 2023 at 8:34 PM PST

We love to be inspired by our Home & Texture fam, but it hits different when you all share that you’re inspired by us, too. Recently, celebrity hairstylist and TV host Derek Jae took to his Instagram to share his updated gallery wall, inspired by Home & Texture’s House Tours episode featuring art collector Ayesha Selden. “After watching Home & Texture and seeing Ayesha Selden’s home and all of her beautiful art, I was inclined to show you guys my gallery wall,” Jae says in the Instagram reel.

Now, you can only imagine how we gagged after seeing how Jae curated his gallery wall against an incredibly chic black crocodile wallpaper from the Home Depot. The crocodile print was the perfect backdrop to his rich collection featuring Black artists by the likes of Andrew Gray, Jay Parnell, Marcus E. Bishop, and Charles Gibbs, to name a few. “Now nobody told me that buying art is an addiction because it really is, and it’s an expensive addition at that,” says Jae.

Curating a Gallery Wall Like Derek Jae

While you can certainly outsource someone to curate your gallery wall, it’s more personal when you do it yourself. After having the same gallery wall for a while, Jae decided he wanted to give it a refresh. He decided to do so by rearranging pieces and moving things to different places. “Now, the first time I did it, I paid somebody. This time, I’m doing it myself, and it was a little trickier than I thought because they made it look so easy,” Jae shares.

To start, Jae made sure that everything was perfectly balanced and the art was spaced out well. While it may be time-consuming, the end result will be completely worth it. Jae shared that he keeps a plethora of art hooks since he’s constantly switching his art pieces out.

We were blown away by Jae’s effortless curation of his gallery wall, which is rich in color and narratives.

If you’re looking to curate a gallery wall like Derek Jae, we’ve got you. Keep scrolling to discover the black crocodile wallpaper he used as the base.

Black Vinyl Crocodile Print Wallpaper Roll

This stunning wallpaper is a chic solution to elevate your interior. With a crocodile skin pattern, this wallpaper brings a sense of luxury and flair and is available in various hues (black, green, blue, and gold). Not only is this wallpaper stylish, but it's also practical. Each roll covers an area of 56 square feet. One of the standout features of this wallpaper is that it's moisture-resistant, which makes it an ideal addition to bathrooms and kitchens. To clean the wallpaper, use a damp cloth and soapy water. This will ensure longevity and ease of maintenance. Installing this wallpaper is a breeze—paste the wall and hang the paper. We see why celebrity stylist Derek Jae used this sleek wallpaper as the base for his luxe gallery wall.

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