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Removable And Stylish Wallpaper

April 13, 2023 at 9:12 PM PST

If you aren’t a homeowner yet, then chances are you’ve found yourself frustrated with the lack of design options. When it comes to giving your rental space a makeover, the first thing you may want to change is your walls. While there are some limits on what you can do as a renter, there are a lot of renter-friendly wallpaper options available to you.

Wallpaper can be just as striking as a typical paint job, and it takes away all the hassle.

Removable And Stylish Renter-Friendly Wallpaper

The renter-friendly wallpaper designs that are on the market now are not the same stubborn wallpaper that you grew up with. Now, even as a renter, you can switch up your wallpaper whenever you want without ruining the original walls. The best part about that is you can achieve that desired aesthetic you want without the fuss from a landlord.

There are a lot of brands that offer removable, renter-friendly wallpaper designs on the market. One brand that does that is Chasing Paper. They offer a variety of wallpapers to fit just about any lifestyle. They have wallpaper designs that are suitable for everyone. If you fancy something more abstract or are in need of a more nautical feeling in your home, Chasing Paper is sure to have it.

Being in a rented space should not deter you from decorating your home as you see fit. You should take advantage of the many design options that are suitable for renters. If you don’t want to cover any entire room, transforming one wall with renter-friendly wallpaper can make a big difference in your home.

If you are searching for eye-catching designs, textures and vivid colors, Home and Texture has the right selections for you. Here are several renter-friendly wallpaper designs that you are sure to love.

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Graham & Brown Eternal Wallpaper

Ditch the monochrome look and opt for the decadent Graham & Brown Eternal Wallpaper in Charcoal and Bronze. Inspired by nature, this wallpaper captures the beauty of outdoor life with elegant, dark brown earth tones. This wallpaper will stand out in any room with its intricate glitter textures. The subtle black and orange colors provide just enough pop to spruce up your decor. This wallpaper is packaged into two feet per package. You can use it for just one wall or you can transform a nook area into a warm, nature-inspired fantasy room that will certainly bring a smile to anyone's face.

House of Hackney Artemis Wallpaper

This beautiful, posh wallpaper screams tea time. The House of Hackney line is available at Anthropologie, and their collection is a celebration of the Regency Era. It has a moody and atmospheric flair. If you are a big fan of Shonda Rhimes' "Bridgerton," you will fall in love with this wallpaper. You can add it to a single wall or fill an entire room. This wallpaper is a part of their Artemis collection, and has seven color designs.

HAOKHOME Vintage Peony Floral Wallpaper

This HAOKHOME Vintage Peony Floral Wallpaper is gorgeous and a total mood for those that want to tap into the cottage-core aesthetic. This removable wallpaper comes with its own self-adhesive, so you can skip the water, glue and other messy hassles. This wallpaper can double as a wall mural, and it comes in three sizes. It will look amazing in the living room, hallway or even a breakfast nook. If you are feeling extra creative, you can fit it into your drawers and your kitchen backsplash. With a bold and repeat pattern, you will never get tired of being mesmerized by this wallpaper design.

Peel & Stick Geometric Wallpaper

This bold Peel & Stick Geometric Wallpaper from AllModern is for homeowners who want earth tones that make a big statement. This wallpaper bridges the influences from Keith Harring with the art deco style from the early 20th century. This wallpaper is in an exquisite terracotta color but also comes in a blue and taupe color option with the same art illustration. This terracotta color will look great against furniture made of dark wood or other neutral, earth-toned colors.

RoomMates Distressed Wood Wallpaper

The RoomMates Distressed Wood Wallpaper gives the look of wooden planks on the wall a classic look with a warm, rustic appeal. You can incorporate that feeling of removable wallpaper and put them in your favorite rooms. This RoomMates wallpaper comes in five color options: blue, blue and grey, brown, gray and rustic brown. If you have wood floors, this wallpaper will bring out the natural beauty of your floors, while giving your home a tasteful and classic makeover.

StickerbrandMural Gray and Gold Marble Stone Quartz Agate Wallpaper

Transform your home into the eighth wonder of the world with this mesmerizing gray and gold marble stone wallpaper from StickerbrandMural. Whether you stay in your current rental or move to another, you will be thrilled to take this anywhere you call home. This comes in four different sizes and can be used to fill an entire wall or just part of a wall. This wallpaper works best on flat, smooth walls. Walls that have a lot of texture will make this removable wallpaper look lumpy.

Chasing Paper Cleo Stripe Vertical Wallpaper

It's so hard not to love this Cleo Stripe Vertical by Chasing Paper. It has a New Jack Swing vibe to it and that is right up millennials' alley. The stripes are set in a visually dazzling pattern to entertain your eye and are in blocks with the black and white stripes breaking up the color. That feature gives it a playful, yet chic look. Created by Nigerian designer, Shadé Akanbi, this is great wallpaper if you want to explore more afro decor designs in your home.

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