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Should You Filter Your Water for Skincare?

Are the benefits real or a marketing gimmick? Here's what the experts say.

February 22, 2024 at 11:56 AM PST

Skincare content on the internet is far and wide, with videos like “This is my self-care routine,” or “I’m an esthetician, and this is what I recommend,” or the newest trend, “I’m a dermatologist, and these are things I would never do” circulating daily. When you see someone with glass skin telling you how to get yours so supple or how their lifelong hormonal acne resolved within months of prioritizing gut health, it’s tempting to buy whatever they’re selling, literally. In sifting through these conversations, what’s actually worth it? While regimens of what feels like a million products are so in right now, they’re nothing without gadgets, such as the Jolie Filtered Shower Head. But will investing in filtered water actually improve your overall skin and hair quality? Here’s what the experts say.

The Rundown


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You’ve likely heard of the Jolie Filtered Shower Head or seen it attached to your favorite influencer’s video without knowing it. If not, think of it like a Brita filter for your exterior rather than your interior. It works the same way, removing heavy metals and other contaminants from the water as it pushes through the faucet. However, that’s not all you’re showering in, according to Jolie’s water report, which revealed to consumers the additional chemicals that could live in their shower water, like pesticides from farmlands, chemical waste from factories, or rust from old pipes. None of that sounds like anything you should clean your body with, and in fact, it’s harmful.

Showering in all that gunk is harsh on the skin and can cause problems for both skin and hair over time, according to Dr. Fran E. Cook-Bolden. “Filters can help get rid of those sediments and impurities and contaminants. Doing that alone helps stop the scalp from being so dry and from being so irritated. An irritated scalp causes inflammation, and inflammation can cause hair loss.”

While showering in unclean water drastically impacts your skincare in ways such as contributing to dryness and irritation, filtration may not help with skin conditions caused by other factors. “I don’t know if a water filtration system alone can make that big of a difference in terms of somebody prone to acne or rosacea,” Cook-Bolden said. Nevertheless, since people experiencing breakouts tend to have sensitive skin, filtering out the bad stuff helps the good stuff.

Buy or Bust?

So, is it worth it? The experts think so. Although not enough to replace your skincare and haircare routine, water filtration systems act like partners, supporting the benefits of the treatments and products you love. Even if you don’t see any results, at least it comes in pretty colors, right?



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