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Grandma Was Right: Slipcovers Are Making a Comeback

June 14, 2023 at 5:13 PM PST

As a first-time homeowner, it’s hard not to replay all the advice your elders have given you throughout your life. One of the rules lots of Black Millennials can relate to is not messing up their grandmother’s sofa in the living room. Black grandmothers were adamant about wrapping up their sofas and couches in the plastic slipcovers that they never removed unless it was a special occasion.

To be fair, those plastic slipcovers preserved those couches for decades. When the plastic covers were finally removed, those couches looked and even smelled new. Now, experts are weighing in, and they believe that Grandma might have been on to something with the plastic on the couch.

“One of the main reasons to choose a slipcover is for protection of the underlying piece of furniture. Kids and pets are both wonderful, but they may not be the most friendly to your pristine cream-white sofa,” explained Cameron Johnson, CEO and founder of Nickson Living, a furniture rental service, in Better Homes & Gardens.

Protecting Furniture in Style

couch with slipcover
Photo Credit: Nicolas J Leclercq

Overall, slipcovers haven’t always been seen as something chic and flattering. In the 90s, slipcovers were generally shabby looking and didn’t add much to the overall decor. But those days are long gone, and the covers available today can elevate your living room while preserving your furniture. Besides covers making your room look good, they also protect your furniture from several environmental elements.

“Sunlight can cause damage to the fabric of many pieces, and a slipcover can act as a sunscreen of sorts,” Johnson said. “Additionally, some furniture pieces cannot economically be reupholstered, and a slipcover can increase the lifespan of a piece by giving it a ‘new’ look.”

Now when you go and shop for a stylish slipcover, you will have your grandmother to thank. She had insight into how to maintain furniture and was trendy even before the trend.



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