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5 Pieces To Shop From Target if You Love Bohemian Decor

These pieces are perfect for bringing the boho vibes straight to your home.

February 29, 2024 at 8:22 AM PST
Home Target Boho Decor

5 Pieces To Shop From Target if You Love Bohemian Decor

These pieces are perfect for bringing the boho vibes straight to your home.

February 29, 2024 at 8:22 AM PST
In the realm of interior design, the bohemian aesthetic continues to captivate with its eclectic charm and free-spirited nature. Rooted in a blend of cultures, colors, and textures, bohemian decor effortlessly infuses spaces with warmth, personality, and a sense of adventure. For those who can’t get enough of this style, Target is the perfect place to start shopping, offering an array of pieces that perfectly capture the essence of bohemian living. Whether you’re revamping your entire space or simply adding a touch of boho flair, these five essential pieces from Target are here to help.

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How To Incorporate a Boho Chic Theme in Your Home

Mix patterns.

Boho is creative and artistic. A successful Bohemian design style isn’t complete without a mixture of colors, shapes, abstract designs, and more. Blending new textures together is what creates the boho look because it’s not structured. Add a whimsical aspect and get playful with your decor, too. A large colorful tapestry really sets off a space that may be neutral-based.

Highlight culture.

If you’re someone who loves incorporating global and cultural aspects, don’t be afraid to show it through your decorative choices. Find authentic pieces, whether it be in thrift stores or flea markets. It can make your overall design seem more authentic and cohesive.

Use art to add creativity to your space.

Using album covers as wall art and incorporating colorful books, prints, and more are all great ways to showcase and express your attention to detail in curating the perfect boho space. Eclectic stakes will make your space pop and add an element of whimsy and personality. Don’t shy away from mixing patterns, textures, and styles to create a visually dynamic and inviting atmosphere. Remember, the essence of bohemian decor lies in embracing individuality and celebrating the beauty of imperfection. So, let your creativity flow freely and allow your space to tell your unique story.

For more inspiration, here are five boho pieces we’re loving from Target.

nuLOOM’s Vintage Corbett Area Rug

The nuLOOM Vintage Corbett Area Rug effortlessly complements boho-inspired decor with its eclectic charm and vintage allure. Featuring a distressed motif and a richly curated color palette, this rug adds an authentic touch to bohemian interiors, evoking a sense of wanderlust and free-spirited elegance. Its intricate design creates a cozy atmosphere, perfect for creating a relaxed and inviting space. Whether layered over hardwood floors or woven into a cozy seating area, the Vintage Corbett Rug infuses boho style with warmth and character, making it an essential element for creating a truly eclectic and vibrant home aesthetic.

Olivia & May Bohemian Morrocan Leather Pouf

Olivia & May's Bohemian Morrocan Leather Pouf is the perfect addition to kick back and relax in style. Crafted from genuine leather and filled with cotton, this pouf offers warmth to your space that can withstand wear and tear. For the perfect natural touch, add it to your living room or bedroom set up for a playful space. Each pouf is designed with a charm and eye-catching pattern that'll showcase your personality. It's also available in black and grey.  

River of Goods Bodhi Metal Pendant Light

The Bodhi Metal Pendant Light from River of Goods combines bohemian and coastal beach styles for an eye-catching centerpiece. The dome-shaped brown and tan rattan shade paired with the circular black metal fixture offers a luxurious, yet casual take on boho. Its height-adjustable design makes it easy for you to install the pendant light directly into your ceiling at your ideal length, ranging between 16.25 and 64.25 inches. Install this piece in your dining area or entryway to elevate your lighting game instantly.

Threshold’s Large Ceramic Table Lamp

If you're a minimalist who's also obsessed with boho decor, Threshold's Ceramic Table Lamp might be for you. Featuring a mix of embossed patterns, this accent table lamp never made a space look so good. For an extra stylish flair, you'll find a tassel detailing that lies on the ceramic base. Light any space your way with the rotary switch that allows you to control the level of brightness based on your preference. Mix modern style with traditional elements using this lamp and watch how your room lightens up.

Threshold’s Round Decorative Natural Basket

Nothing screams Bohemian like natural and rattan elements. Threshold's Round Decorative Natural Basket adds function, natural elements, and style all in one to your home. Offering a storage solution, you can toss pillows, blankets, linens, and more for tidy organization. The natural tone of the basket pairs well with a variety of decor styles while offering easy and quick access with the open-style design. Use the side handles for easy carrying and place it anywhere for added charm and personality.

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