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Bedroom Styling a Boho Bedroom

10 Decorating Tips and Tricks for the Perfect Boho Bedroom

October 27, 2023 at 7:21 PM PST
Bedroom Styling a Boho Bedroom

10 Decorating Tips and Tricks for the Perfect Boho Bedroom

October 27, 2023 at 7:21 PM PST

Bohemian, also known as boho, consists of a mix of different cultures, artistic elements, and aesthetics. Boho-style bedrooms combine all of this for an eclectic and unique design. Many bedrooms of this style incorporate different colors, textures, and patterns by using throw pillows, blankets, wall decor, plants, and more. This relaxed and carefree aesthetic allows for design versatility with both minimal and maximal looks.

Whether you choose to go with funky wallpaper, a monochromatic design, textured decor, or a modern boho design, there are so many different elements to choose from. Because the boho style is so versatile, this design is the perfect opportunity to show off your personality and make your space feel like you. Here’s how to create and style a chic boho bedroom.

Add Tons of Texture

Add elements of texture to your boho bedroom with throw blankets, pillows, artwork, rugs and more. Pictured: A boho bedroom.

Adding texture is an easy way to create a boho bedroom and make your space feel comfortable. To create some texture, add one or a few small rugs, some throw pillows, and blankets. Decor pieces like patchwork chairs, baskets, and bamboo-inspired furniture add texture and a quirky look to the room.

Go for a Bit of Greenery

Add a bit of greenery to your boho bedroom to make the space in touch with nature. Pictured: A boho bedroom with plants.

Greenery and plants added to any space make it pop and give it a boho vibe. Add a few plants on your nightstand, by your windows, or in a hanging basket to add a touch of nature. Adding fake vines to your walls will give the space an extra boho touch and add some color to the room.

Make It Pop With Color

Add a pop of color to your boho bedroom with paint, decor or bedding. Pictured: A pink boho bedroom.

Create the perfect boho chic bedroom by adding pops of color. The best boho colors are yellow, oranges, green, burgundy, marigold, fuschia, pink, and blue. Add pops of color by either painting your walls or adding bedding, rugs, and decor to brighten up the room and make it pop.

Put Up Some Funky Patterns

Add a funky pattern to the wall of your boho bedroom using paint or peel-and-stick wallpaper. Get creative and have fun with this hack. Pictured: A boho bedroom with green walls with a geometric pattern.

Nothing says boho chic like a funky pattern. Create a playful vibe in your boho bedroom by adding funky patterns on the wall or decorating with quirky furniture pieces. Paint patterns on your wall or use peel-and-stick wallpaper for a unique backdrop. Funky furniture, blankets, pillows, or decor with animal print patterns, geometric patterns, fruit patterns and more will all add a playful and fun vibe to the room.

Keep It Natural and Minimalistic

For a simple boho bedroom, add in black, white or wood furniture with simple boho decor pieces. Pictured: A simple and clean boho bedroom.

For a simple and modern boho bedroom, go with a natural and minimalistic look. This look can be achieved with either black, white, or wood furniture. Add in a few neat decor pieces such as baskets, a boho headboard, wall art, and bedding and blankets with tassel details to complete the simple look.

Create a Tropical Oasis

Turn your hobo bedroom into a tropical oasis with leaves, flamingo decor, and shades of green. Pictured: A boho bedroom with tropical leaves in the background.

Turn your boho bedroom into a tropical oasis. Feel like you’re on a tropical vacation by adding bold leaf wallpaper, blue and teal bedding, fake tropical monstera leaves, and a tropical-style rug. Add flamingo or leaf artwork and decor to add to the space.

Catch a Wave at the Boho Beach

Turn you boho bedroom into your own personal beach house. Pictured: A blue and white boho bedroom.

Take a beach vacation in your room with a beach and boho-style mash-up. For this boho bedroom idea, include beach room decor with starfish, the ocean, and seashells. Add a beach or boho-inspired rug to the space to brighten things up. Painting the wall a light blue or ocean blue color will make the space pop and feel like you’re at the beach. Tapestry and beach-inspired bedding will give the illusion of relaxing by the beach.

Take It To the Max

Create a maximalist space for your boho bedroom. Pictured: A maximalist boho bedroom.

For the maximalist who has way too much stuff, this idea is perfect. Instead of putting it away in storage, why not display it everywhere? The great thing about boho being so versatile is that you can incorporate just about any furniture and art piece you have. Display your boho artwork on a shelf or the wall. Fill your space with unique patterns, knick-knacks, decor, and furniture. Display your unique clothing pieces on a clothing rack. This is also the perfect time to combine colors, textures, and patterns and add funky furniture. For the maximalist, the possibilities are endless, literally.

Be 70s Inspired

Create a 70s inspired boho bedroom with bright colors and decor. Pictured: A boho bedroom with colorful 70s decor.

Nothing screams boho like a 70s-inspired design. This era best encapsulates the boho design. For this bedroom idea, incorporate bright colors like yellow and orange into the space by either painting or with furniture pieces. A shaggy wall, tapestry, lace curtains, patchwork design, a patterned wool bedspread, and a fluffy carpet will take you back in time and add a touch of 70s to the space. Other small decor pieces like a record player, a vinyl record stand, disco balls, and an orange retro clock will make the space feel like an episode of That 70s Show.

Elevate Your Boho Bedroom

Create a sophisticated boho bedroom with trendy decor items. Pictured: A boho bedroom.

Give your boho bedroom space a relaxed and elegant feel. Make the space feel sophisticated by using black, white, or wood furniture. Add a few high-end or luxurious decor pieces like vases, a chunky beige throw blanket, beige or white bedding, and pendant lights. Smaller decor items like a rug, ruffles, tassels, fur, or bamboo decor will make this sophisticated space stand out.



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