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From Your Home to Theirs: Avoid These Mistakes When Donating Decor

Here’s how to declutter with a purpose.

February 24, 2024 at 7:48 AM PST

Donating your gently used home decor items is a fantastic way to declutter your living space while also giving your pieces a new life in someone else’s home. But before you start boxing up, let’s chat about how to do it right. Because honestly, no one wants to be the person who donates a bag of “what were they thinking?”

Let’s keep it simple, thoughtful, and genuinely helpful. Here’s how to declutter with a purpose.

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Don’t assume all items are welcome.

Before you pack up those heavily worn-out cushions, stop to consider if the items you have are truly donation-worthy. Charities often have specific needs and limited space. Items in poor condition or of questionable taste might end up costing organizations more to dispose of than to use or sell. Always check with the donation center beforehand to see what items they can accept and appreciate.

Avoid seasonal sabotage.

Timing is everything, especially when it comes to donating seasonal items. That box of Christmas decorations might be a godsend, but only if you donate it well before the holiday season. Dropping off seasonal items out of season not only clutters the storage space of the donation center but also reduces the likelihood of all your items being used or sold in a timely manner.

Don’t forget a gentle clean.

Your pre-loved items deserve a second life, but they should make a good first impression. A quick clean can make a world of difference. Dust off that vase, wash those gently used curtains and make sure that tableware is free from grime.

Beware of the invisible clutter.

When donating, it’s easy to overlook the smaller, less obvious items that can actually create more clutter at the donation center. Items like used candles, incomplete sets of anything, or obscure decorative pieces might not be as helpful as you think. Aim to donate items that have a clear purpose and can be easily integrated into someone else’s home.


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