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Why Buying These 5 Home Pieces Second-Hand Is a Game-Changer

From solid wood furniture to antique mirrors, these are the home decor pieces you should always purchase used.

January 13, 2024 at 7:34 AM PST

It’s no secret that millennials have become more environmentally conscious than previous generations. In addition to caring about where our food is sourced and supporting eco-conscious fashion brands, we’re also prioritizing sustainability in home decor. There’s a certain charm about filling your home with pieces that tell a story and have a past life that adds depth to your personal space. This allure is what makes second-hand shopping a gem for home decorators. Stepping into the world of purchasing used items allows you to discover narratives and characters that new pieces simply can’t offer.

Here are five home pieces that bring an irreplaceable charm when purchased second-hand.

Solid Wood Furniture

Let’s face it—contemporary solid wood furniture pieces aren’t made as well as they used to be. The appeal of solid wood furniture lies in its timeless elegance and durability. Older pieces were often crafted with a level of care and quality that is very hard to find today. A vintage wooden bookshelf or a classic mahogany dining table brings a story to your living space, something that new, mass-produced items lack.

used furniture
Photo Credit: Charlotte May

Vintage Mirrors

The ornate frames of vintage mirrors and unique shapes can transform a simple wall into a statement. The slight gaining of the glass adds a touch of nostalgia, creating a warm, lived-in feel that new mirrors can’t replicate.


Art is a reflection of personal taste, and often, the most intriguing pieces have a history. Vintage paintings or sculptures found in second-hand shops can introduce an eclectic and personal touch to your home, often sparking conversation.

Persian rug
Photo Credit: Pixabay

Persian Rugs

Persian rugs are loved for their intricate designs and unmatched quality. In addition to color and texture, an older rug brings a sense of history and craftsmanship to a room. These rugs age beautifully, gaining character and softness over time.

Lighting Fixtures

Vintage lighting fixtures are a brilliant way to add personality to your space. From retro lamps to classic chandeliers, these pieces set the mood and style of a room. The uniqueness of older light fixtures can become the centerpiece of your decor.


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