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6 Things You Should Avoid Buying for Your Home in 2024

December 11, 2023 at 9:24 PM PST

As we emerge into the new year, there’s a surging sense of renewal—new year, new you—which sometimes means you’ll get the inspiration to switch up your space so it can evolve with your personal style and goals. It’s easy to go overboard, so before you start opening tabs on your browser to various sites for decor and furniture, consider these things you should avoid buying for your home in 2024.

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1. Non-Functional Furniture

Ever walked into a room and wondered, “Why on Earth does that chair exist if no one can sit in it?” In 2024, it’s high time we say goodbye to those perplexing, non-functional furniture pieces that have haunted our homes for far too long. The uncomfortable chair that kills your back? No thank you. With so many advancements in home furniture design, you can easily find pieces that look fantastic, can fall in line with your budget and do the job it was meant to do. Additionally, if sustainability is your vibe, you could look into furniture crafted from eco-friendly materials, upcycling or buying second-hand.

2. Single-Use Plastics

If you’re being good to your home, why not be good to the planet while you’re at it? There’s nothing good that comes from single-use plastic besides a moment or two of convenience. Even if you don’t give up single-use plastic for good, making small changes like getting stainless steel straws or a water bottle are thoughtful, easy switches. Some coffee places even give you a small discount on your order if you bring your own thermos, so there’s that too.

Other ways to ditch the plastic? When it comes to grocery shopping, choose cloth bags that can be used time and time again and swap out ziplock bags for the silicon varieties. These small changes may seem insignificant, but every choice counts toward reducing your environmental impact.

3. Overly Trendy Decor

Trends come and go with the seasons. While it’s tempting to redecorate your entire space with every new trend that graces your social media feed, maybe 2024 is the year of taking a more pragmatic approach.

Avoid the pitfall of buying decor items that are excessively trendy and might become passé within a year. Instead, focus on timeless pieces that can seamlessly adapt to evolving styles with just a few accessory updates. Neutral-colored sofas, quality artwork, and classic statement pieces are your best allies in creating a versatile and stylish living space.

4. Impulse Electronics

The technology landscape continues to grow at a crazy pace, with new gadgets and devices flooding the market regularly. However, in 2024, you might want to resist novelty technology, like the desktop keyboard vacuum, despite it being tragically cute.

Instead, prioritize quality over quantity. Before buying any electronic device, do thorough research to ensure it aligns with your lifestyle and needs. Consider whether the gadget will genuinely enhance your daily routines or if it’s just a flashy accessory.

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5. Flimsy Kitchen Tools

Let’s be real, a $400 designer frying pan is nice, but not necessarily realistic. Besides, the opposite of flimsy doesn’t have to mean expensive—in fact, you can get great quality kitchen tools for equally great prices. Your kitchen is the heart of your home, after all, and it deserves appliances that can last.

For example, a good cast-iron skillet can likely outlive an apocalypse, and glass food storage containers are way more durable and heat-friendly. All in all, high-quality kitchen tools not only make your life easier but also save you money in the long run by lasting longer and performing better.

6. Fast Fashion Decor

Just as in the world of clothing, fast fashion decor items can lead to impulse buys and clutter in your home. Listen, we love seasonal decor, and if it brings you joy, you shouldn’t feel guilted into giving it up. But why not get items that you’ll cherish forever instead of the knick-knacks that break or unravel after just a year or two?



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