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Decorate Velvet Seating

How to Shop Velvet Seating for the Perfect Pop of Color in Any Room

Name a better home addition to awaken your smooth, soft, and sultry side than a glamorous velvet accent piece.

January 31, 2024 at 2:29 PM PST
Decorate Velvet Seating

How to Shop Velvet Seating for the Perfect Pop of Color in Any Room

Name a better home addition to awaken your smooth, soft, and sultry side than a glamorous velvet accent piece.

January 31, 2024 at 2:29 PM PST

Velvet exudes luxury and grandeur with its unique soft and shiny appearance yielded by short pile fibers. The fabric comes in various colors and types, upscaling the personality factor of any room. You can incorporate velvet in your home through curtains, bed frames, linens, accent pillows, and more, but our favorite way to use the smooth texture in our interiors is with vibrant seating. There’s something contemporary and traditional about the colorful velvet couch or accent chair, adding an eye-catching contrasting focal point to minimalist and maximalist spaces. Whether your interiors exemplify less is more or the opposite–more is still not enough–velvet seating can elevate the decor. Plus, it’s comfortable, plush, and cozy. Velvet’s sensuality feels deserving of a rendezvous against your skin, unlike edgy leather or crisp linen upholstery. It’s perfect for introducing a new shade or balancing out the colors in your design, making it ideal for accenting living rooms, kitchens, and entryways.

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Shop These Six Types of Velvet

Before selecting your pieces, it’s essential to consider which texture is best for your style. Here’s a closer look at several velvet upholstery fabrics.

1. Plush

Plush velvet, characterized by a dense pile and soft, smooth surface, is closely woven, resulting in a buttery texture that adds warmth and comfort to the home.

2. Mohair

Mohair velvet features a pile made from mohair fibers. Durable and lustrous, this type has a slightly firmer texture than traditional velvet, offering resilience and longevity.

3. Crushed

Crushed velvet has a textured surface with a distinctive appearance that occurs by pressing the fabric in various directions. Moreover, the richly textured finish adds depth and dimension to the furniture, creating visual interest that catches the light beautifully.

4. Matte

Matte velvet’s soft texture contrasts with its subtle matte finish for a more understated elegance that complements a range of interior styles. Though lacking sheen, it still presents a supple feel suitable for developing a cozy ambiance.

5. Embossed

Embossed velvet features raised patterns or designs pressed onto the fabric’s surface, similar to its crushed counterpart. This textured effect adds a layer of refinement, lending sophistication to any space.

6. Velvet Corduroy

Velvet corduroy, a hybrid fabric, marries the plushness of velvet with the distinctive ribbed texture of corduroy, forming a unique tactile experience sure to start a conversation.

Floria Velvet Chair

The rosy Floria Velvet accent chair comes in more colors than pink, including dark green, lime, and gold. Want a stylish yet quality home addition? This fully upholstered chair is top-rated, with reviews praising its comfy, soft cushions. Plus, the modern curved silhouette features three legs for ultimate stability. If that isn't enough, it's also on sale. Run!

Jillian Velvet Chaise Sectional

If you're looking for a bold and vivid pop of color, anything chartreuse definitely catches the eye. The yellow-green hue of this sectional belongs beneath a beautiful gallery wall art display or against ornate wallpaper. Modern and crafted of durable performance velvet, it's stain-resistant and will stand years of wear. The gorgeous style features three tufted back cushions and squared arms for a statement piece that'll turn heads! Bonus points: the legs and cushions are removable.

Velvet Ida Bench

The Ida bench does two-toned oh, so, right! We love it for an entryway or high-traffic hallway, especially where there's a lot of sunlight to showcase its shiny brass accents. The sculptural look is in fashion, and this piece exemplifies the style of the times. It's contemporary and colorful yet maintains that luxurious suaveness that makes velvet irresistible. No matter the colors in your home, as long there's a touch of brass, you can find a place for this showstopper.

Asymmetrical Ruched Velvet Serpentine Sofa

This sofa's selling out fast, and we can see why. Talk about extravagance! Inspired by Italian design, the asymmetrical sofa boasts an emerald hue for a classic feel that elevates the room. Not only does it look one of a kind, but it actually is -- crafted by hand, no two pieces are exactly alike. It's the perfect sofa to complete the maximalist living room or call attention to the minimalist one.

Velvet Sculptural Chair

Bring on the blues! The Velvet Sculptural Chair is available in two colors that sound just as cool as it looks: bondi and medallion. The modern take on a barrel back silhouette features a U-curved seat topped with a plush cushion. Toss in a patterned, textured pillow, and you've got yourself a work of interior art. You can also customize it by swapping out the seat cushion, which is removable.

Camila Velvet Sofa

We audibly gasped when we saw the Camila Velvet Sofa in this breathtaking rust shade. The curved silhouette screams luxury and opulence, especially with the distinctive ruching details. Made to order, it's on sale for a limited time, so don't think twice. Since it doesn't come with pillows, you can incorporate some to infuse this sofa with a lot of personality, making for an unforgettable visual focal point.

Velvet Stasia Stool

The small but lively Velvet Stasia Stool in ochre is richly hued, chic, and top-rated. Brass accents offer a vintage charm that makes us want to use this as a vanity chair in a majestic, opulent bedroom or bathroom. Along with this shade, it comes in jade and rust. Buy a set in different colors for a complementary pairing that will offer an upscale look to any room.

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