Where Does Shaq Live?
Living Room Shaq’s House

LA, Dallas, and Atlanta: Inside The Many Homes Of Shaquille O'Neal

April 10, 2024 at 6:56 PM PST
Living Room Shaq’s House

LA, Dallas, and Atlanta: Inside The Many Homes Of Shaquille O'Neal

April 10, 2024 at 6:56 PM PST

Where does Shaq live? It’s a question that piques the curiosity of fans, eager to catch a glimpse into his luxurious lifestyle. On and off the court, the basketball icon Shaquille O’Neal, also affectionately called Shaq, is well-known.  Shaq has purchased enormous mansions in several locations over the years, to the point that even some of his most ardent admirers have no idea where he currently resides.

In addition to being a basketball icon, he is an astute businessman. His considerable wealth was derived from his dominance in the NBA, which has had a major impact on his current enormous net worth.

Where Does Shaq Live?

Photo credit: Scott Van Dyke

Shaq’s extravagant lifestyle is reflected in his real estate holdings, which include several houses spread across the country. Shaq has adopted a more dispersed lifestyle, purchasing properties in areas that represent his varied interests and professional pursuits, in contrast to some superstars who choose a single, remote estate. Where exactly does Shaq reside now? Take a look around his real estate empire:

Windermere, Florida

A little sunshine doesn’t scare Shaq. One of Shaq’s most famous homes is located in Windermere, Florida, a charming neighborhood of Orlando. He added this estate to his collection in 2021. The seven-bedroom, seven-bathroom property was purchased by him for $2,625,000. This expansive house captures Shaq’s larger-than-life persona, nestled amid immaculate lakes and lush vegetation.

The modern estate is 6,511 square feet in size and has a large outside pool and home theater—features that appear to be standard in many of the homes owned by ballers. It’s understandable why Shaq decided to make this place his home, given the big outdoor pool, private basketball court, and well-kept landscaping.

Shaq and his family will have plenty of room to unwind and host parties in style at the Windermere home, which offers the ideal balance of luxury and comfort. Every section of this mansion radiates beauty and refinement, from large living rooms furnished with unique pieces to cutting-edge features like a gourmet kitchen and home theater.

Shaq, who is well-versed in business, finds Davie to be an ideal location to monitor his endeavours due to its proximity to Miami.

Ladera Heights, Los Angeles

Shaq has owned a house in the affluent Ladera Heights neighborhood of Los Angeles for more than 20 years, in addition to his residence in Florida. In December 2000, he paid a comparatively low amount of $654,000. He then purchased the five-bedroom, four-bath residence with a pool.

Additionally, he can visit his $1.9 million purchase of a Las Vegas property, which he made in 2021, to check on his eateries, see a performance, or play a game of craps. This 4,824-square-foot, four-bedroom, four-bathroom Vegas mansion sits on an acre lot and features an attractive blue facade, an open floor plan, a primary bedroom concealed behind a secret door, a pool, and a green garden in the rear.

This home is a nod to his legendary NBA career while also providing a hint of Hollywood glitz. It makes sense that he would keep a West Coast headquarters given his lengthy affiliation with the Los Angeles Lakers.

Dallas, Texas

The NBA player bought a considerably smaller, five-bedroom, six-bathroom residence in the Dallas suburbs a few months after selling his enormous property in Orlando, Florida. In 1993, Shaq paid $3.95 million for the mansion, that was more than 31,000 square feet. For an impressive $1.2 million, his new beauty was allegedly acquired in 2022. Even though it’s not as large as some of his other houses, this five-bedroom, five-bathroom home is quite spacious.

Shaq-sized features include two fireplaces, a home theater, an enormous pool that’s ideal for Texas summers, and a master bathroom that seems like a spa. The Dallas mansion’s location makes perfect sense, as some have theorized that Shaq’s Inside the NBA analyst position—which is filmed in Atlanta, Georgia—is the reason behind this acquisition. Dallas’s center location might make it an easy halfway point between his East Coast homes and places of employment.

Atlanta, Georgia

In Atlanta, Georgia, Shaq has also left his imprint as a significant personality in the sports scene and as a former player for the NBA’s Atlanta Hawks. Shaq O’Neal owns three properties in the McDonough neighborhood of Atlanta, indicating his obvious affection for the Peach Tree State.

For $1.15 million, the stunning item pictured above was purchased in 2016. The property is 7,400 square feet in total, with eight bedrooms and ten bathrooms, plus a second, smaller house by the pool.

If O’Neal wants to learn the beautiful art of dressage for horses, there is a three-stall stable with a workshop. A 12-seat home cinema, a crafts room, an exercise area, and an in-law apartment are all located in the finished basement.

A stunning 9,148-square-foot home with five bedrooms and eight bathrooms is one of O’Neal’s other McDonough residences. For $1.125 million, he bought it in February 2020. Only 4,635 square feet make up his previous McDonough residence. It was purchased in July 2021 for a mere $387,500 and has five bedrooms and four bathrooms. Though specifics regarding Shaq’s Atlanta home are not as widely known, it is evident that he stays in a city that is very precious to him.

Shaq’s Losses Amidst Acquisitions

Shaq isn’t afraid to express his passion for real estate. Although Shaq’s principal residences appear to be in Los Angeles, Florida, and possibly Dallas, his business endeavors and constantly changing career may eventually drive him to purchase additional properties.

O’Neal has also bought and sold a large number of residences. In his illustrious career, he was a player for two Florida teams: the Orlando Magic and the Miami Heat. As such, he established roots in this state of the South.

In October 2021, he severed his relationship with his renowned “Shaq-apulco” residence. The Windermere estate sold for $11 million following three years of price reductions. Listed at $28 million, the estate has eight bedrooms and twelve bathrooms. Other celebrities who call Star Island home include Gloria Estefan and Sean Combs. O’Neal may be kicking himself for selling too quickly– the house next door is listed for $77 million right now.

In March 2014, one of O’Neal’s smaller properties in Mount Dora, north of Orlando, sold for $240,000. The 4,054-square-foot house features four bathrooms and five bedrooms. Finally, in 2004, O’Neal sold a home in Beverly Hills for $6.4 million, and in 2021, he sold a home in the almost-posh gated community of Bell Canyon for $1.85 million.

Greater Than Simple Blocks and Mortar

More than just opulent homes, Shaq’s many mansions are reflections of his character, passions and professional decisions. Shaq’s real estate portfolio presents a picture of a vibrant and diversified person, from his historical Hollywood connections to his financial endeavors in Florida and his current analyst post in Atlanta.

Shaq can live life to the fullest at his different properties, just like he did while he was playing basketball. He can be found lounging by the pool in sunny Florida, practicing on his private court, or getting ready for his commentator job in Dallas.



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