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Bookshelf Wealth Isn't Going Anywhere: Here Are Some Designs We're Inspired By

Get inspired by these bookshelf wealth designs we're currently loving.

March 8, 2024 at 7:16 PM PST

While past years have seen the rise of minimalist aesthetics like “quiet luxury” or whimsical themes such as “marshmallow,” this year introduces us to a design concept that’s winning over the hearts of design lovers and bookworms alike: bookshelf wealth.


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What is bookshelf wealth?

At its core, bookshelf wealth is about the warmth and familiarity of a beloved library. It’s the intersection of the comfort of a cozy reading nook and the lived-in charm of books. This design philosophy is perfect for those who have long admired the allure of the “dark academia” style but are looking for something brighter and more vibrant.

Thoughtful Curation


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Achieving bookshelf wealth in your home begins with thoughtful curation. To do this, select bookcases that showcase your books as the stars of your living area. This trend encourages an artistic, collected feel, where every item on display shares a piece of your story. The aim is to curate a spot that balances coziness with a sense of purpose, avoiding clutter while still celebrating the unique character of each book and accessory.

A Mix of the Eccentric and Intentional

True bookshelf wealth is achieved by blending various elements in a way that reflects your personality. Incorporate plants to breathe life into your space and allocate special spots for art that speak to you. Each shelf and each nook should be a reflection of your life’s chapters, curated in a way that feels authentic. Playfulness in arrangement—through odd numbers, asymmetrical setups, and a mix of mediums—adds a dynamic touch that makes your space uniquely yours.

Reflecting the Richness of Life

Beyond the aesthetic appeal, bookshelf wealth is a celebration of authenticity. It narrates the stories of your adventures, the quiet moments lost in thought, and the joy found in the pages of a book. This trend steps away from traditional notions of displaying wealth, focusing instead on the wealth of experiences, knowledge, and personal evolution that books represent.


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