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This New Survey Reveals Which States Spend the Most on Halloween Decorations

October 28, 2023 at 1:00 PM PST

With Halloween being less than a week away, you may see neighbors transforming their homes with skeletons, ghosts, and pumpkins galore. But have you ever wondered how these Halloween decorating habits vary from state to state?

A recent survey done by the home services website Angi surveyed 1,250 people from across the country to provide insight into the diversity of Halloween decorating practices. The study reveals a range of habits, from early decorators who start in September to the more laid-back crowd who might wait until the eve of Halloween.

The Big Spenders

When it comes to spending on Halloween decorations, the survey found that 32.7% of respondents spend between $100 to $249 annually, while 22.64% spend between $250 to $499.

Some states stood out for their grand Halloween spending habits. In South Dakota, 28% of residents reported spending between $250 to $499 on Halloween decorations each year. New York took the top spot, with 36% of New Yorkers spending within the same range.

How the Money Is Spent

It’s not just about how much money is spent but also how the money is used. According to the survey, most people (73.6%) update their Halloween decorations yearly. A significant 35.52% change their theme annually, and 39.08% add one or two new pieces each year. When given the hypothetical of an unlimited budget, 35.1% of respondents expressed a desire for life-size animatronic witches, zombies, or monsters.

Halloween Decorating Trends
Photo Credit: Angi

Regional Decorating Trends

The study also delved into regional preferences for Halloween themes. While lawn inflatables were a divisive topic, with some states like Montana and Nebraska having usage rates as low as 16%, other states like Massachusetts, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Texas showed a strong preference for these decorations, with usage rates at 68%.

Most Popular Halloween Theme
Photo Credit: Angi

Gory decorations were another interesting point of study. Despite 72.88% of respondents being okay with gory decorations, only 5.28% chose to display them. States like California and Oregon had higher-than-average rates of gory-themed decorations, with 24% and 16% respectively.

Ultimately, the survey revealed that family-friendly themes are the most popular, with 35.92% of respondents choosing this option, followed by spooky haunted house themes at 30.08%, traditional harvest or fall decor at 28.72%, and gory themes at 5.28%.

How To Make Your Halloween Decorations Last Through Fall

Mallory Micetich, a home expert at Angi, shared tips to help make decorations last through the fall season. “This year, opt for durable Halloween decorations like plastic pumpkins of your beautiful set-up doesn’t rot,” says Micetich.

“With hotter and wetter weather this year, opting for more weather-resistant decorations will be your best bet.”


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