How to Create a Halloween Aesthetic In Your Home
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How to Create a Halloween Aesthetic In Your Home

Decoration Ideas for Spooky Season

October 5, 2023 at 9:57 PM PST

October is finally here and in just a few short weeks, Halloween with it. Picking out Halloween costumes, carving pumpkins and watching scary movies are all essential Halloween activities. Other trending activities include baking Pillsbury Halloween cookies, making ghost and pumpkin-shaped pizzas and decorating the house or apartment with decorations.

Imagine snuggling up under a warm blanket with apple cider and watching a Halloween movie with friends, a significant other or the kids. Relaxing in the midst of your fall decor is great, but Halloween decorations will transport your space into a ghost-like wonderland.

Getting into spooky season is fun because there are so many aesthetics to choose between. From ghosts to goblins to Frankenstein, pumpkins and skeletons, the options are endless. Here are some ways to create that Halloween aesthetic in the home.

Halloween-themed Throw Blankets, Pillows, Plushes and Crochet Items

Add plushes, blankets, pillows, and crochet items for a nice Halloween aesthetic. Picture: Halloween crochet pumpkins.

Add a fun and playful touch to any room by adding Halloween-themed blankets and pillows. These soft items will keep you warm and relaxed while you spend the night watching “Hocus Pocus” or “Halloweentown.” Follow the DIY tie-knot blanket trend to make your own blanket using Halloween-themed fabric and a pair of scissors. If you don’t have time to make one, Target’s $10 plush throw blankets will make a perfect addition to your home. If you like to crochet, make a couple of crochet pumpkin and ghost pillows, or take a shortcut and get a few from Amazon. Add a few Halloween character plushes for fun and the mood is set.

Add Some String Lights To Create a Halloween Aesthetic

Add string lights for a glowing Halloween aesthetic effect. Pictured: String lights around a pumpkin.

Nothing screams Halloween like glow-in-the-dark lights. Add some orange or multicolor string lights around your windows or attach them to the wall to give your home that extra glow. If you want to be even more extra, add ghost, spider or bat-shaped string lights from Target to bring an eerie glow to your home. Add candles for an additional glowing effect.

For the Fashion Enthusiast

Display some of your favorite past or childhood costumes for a fashion Halloween aesthetic. Pictured: Kids in Halloween costumes.

If you have a passion for fashion and a love for Halloween, costumes are probably your favorite part of Halloween. If you still have your old costumes hanging up in the back of a closet or stuffed in a drawer, utilize them and put them on display instead. Add an adjustable clothing rack to your room and line up some of your favorite costumes from past years for display.

For the Toy Collector

Add your Halloween toy collection to your display shelves for a playful Halloween aesthetic. Pictured: Jack Skellington Pop figure from The Nightmare Before Christmas.

For the ones who are not afraid to embrace their inner child, Halloween is most tellingly the holiday for you. Display an array of Halloween and scary characters on a shelf to create a Halloween aesthetic in the home. If you are not sure what toys to put on display, Sanrio Hello Kitty plush figures, Monster High dolls, Rainbow High dolls and Barbie Halloween special edition dolls are great figures to display. Add a few Halloween Funko Pop figures or character figures from Halloween and scary movie classics like The Nightmare Before Christmas and IT. If you’re a scary movie fan, action figures of characters like Ghost Face and Michael Myers might catch your eye.

Create a Halloween Aesthetic by Keeping It Simple

Have a simple halloween aesthetic with clean and simple decor. Pictured: Halloween decorations.

If you want a more toned-down Halloween theme this year, opt for simple decorations. This could include purchasing Halloween buckets from Dollar Tree or Target and adding bags of your favorite candy in it for when guests come over. For your kitchen, have a rack of a few Halloween mugs for decoration. You can utilize ghost and pumpkin-shaped plates for decorated bowls and cups for hosting movies and parties.

Dress Up Your Home for Halloween Movie Nights

For the movie-obsessed buffs, add some Halloween movie-themed decor for a Halloween aesthetic. Pictured: Halloween VHS movies.

If you’re a Halloween movie lover, turn your home into a personal movie oasis. Start by purchasing a few giant posters of your favorite Halloween movies and frame them. If you have a movie room, this decoration idea is perfect, but you could also include these in your living room or bedroom. For a vintage touch, add a shelf of VHS tapes of Halloween classics such as Goosebumps, Scream and The Halloween Movies. Utilize Halloween Buckets for candy and popcorn for guests or use a decorative cauldron for serving drinks.

Go All Out for a Bold Halloween Aesthetic

Create a bold Halloween aesthetic. Pictured: Skeleton decorations.

Halloween is the perfect holiday to go all out with your decorations. If you plan on decorating the outside of your home, go crazy with the inflatables, large outdoor character figures, tombstone decorations, carved pumpkins and lights. For the inside, cobweb decorations, string lights, painted pumpkins, decorative bats, witch hats and skeletons will bring spookiness to your home. Make the space as scary and maximalist as possible and go crazy with your favorite decorations to create an amazing Halloween aesthetic. Don’t shy away from bold decorations, different hues and creepy decor this Halloween.



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