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Winnie Harlow's Beautiful LA Home Is Where Modern Glam Meets Hollywood Regency

Check out photos of the supermodel's glamorous Hollywood home.

October 24, 2023 at 4:58 PM PST

Winnie Harlow is the epitome of beauty, inside and out. The 29-year-old supermodel gained prominence after appearing on America’s Next Top Model. Since then, she’s built her career and has gracefully handled adversity and obstacles that came her way. Spokesperson and advocate for the vitiligo community, she’s also the founder of her own skincare brand, Cay Skin. We know Harlow as a top model, appearing in numerous campaigns such as Nike, Victoria’s Secret, and countless more, but it’s time to get personal. How much more personal can you get than learning about someone’s home?

Photo credit: @winnieharlow / Instagram

Home History

During the pandemic, Harlow’s apartment lease in New York was just about up. So, she relocated to Los Angeles and made the decision to stay for good.

This decision prompted her to go house hunting and be on the search for a home designer. Harlow learned about AD100 designer Martyn Lawrence Bullard, who you can thank for crafting the model’s dream home. The interior, fabric, and product designer, has over 30 years of work. He’s designed for other A-list celebrities like Ellen Pompeo, RuPaul, Kylie Jenner, and more.

Harlow rests in an almost 5,000-square-foot property worth $3.3 million based in Los Angeles, California. It offers 5 bedrooms, 5.5 baths, and an attached two-car garage. Built in 2020, it is a sophisticated, modern farmhouse style. What started as a blank slate, turned into a fancy, luxurious home displaying tons of mixed textures, styles, and designs. The transformation took nine long months, but it was worth the wait. Earlier this year, Harlow did a house tour with Architectural Digest and gave us a full look into her home.

Glamorous Glam Room

For a top model, it’s only right to start in what Harlow calls her, “Glam Room.” Before Bullard came along, this room was used for storage, but now there’s an area for every item. Pictured you’ll see wigs, skincare, and makeup products, and a vanity station, but you can’t miss the “cover wall” that stands out behind Harlow. This wall contains framed photos of every cover magazine that Harlow has graced. From Vogue to BAZAAR to Elle Magazine, this space really embodies the Hollywood aesthetic. She told AD how it “is a really amazing feeling to have” to come home and view her accomplishments.

Photo credit: @winnieharlow / Instagram

A Peaceful, Airy Sanctuary

Imagine walking into an actual dream for your bedroom. She refers to it as the “cloud room,” emphasizing the soft, plush textures that lie around. Harlow describes it as a “1930s Hollywood movie star,” aesthetic.  The star of the show is the custom-made headboard that was made to fit in between her shades. The different tones of whites really make the space feel peaceful, calm, and well…like a cloud.

Photo credit: @winnieharlow / Instagram

A Room Fit for Family

Harlow’s family room is exactly for that. Her family and friends. It’s a cozy, homey environment that features minimal color waves and pops of color. The blacks, whites, and grays ground the space, but the pops of color really add a luxury touch to it. She added a vintage effect by implementing a 1970s golden tree, bright yellow flowers, and an abstract gold light fixture.

Photo credit: @winnieharlow / Instagram

Classy Closet for a Classy Girl

Believe it or not, this closet shown below is one of three closets in her home. Okay, believe it. Mainly used for her winter clothes she holds fur jackets, boots, and handbags, this space is full of bold, vibrant colors that you can’t miss. Though it’s a walk-in closet, she is consistent with her choice of lighting fixtures that are eye-catching.

Photo credit: @winnieharlow / Instagram

Puma Inspired Fitness Room

No need for gym memberships over here. Harlow’s fitness room is inspired by her collaboration with Puma. She really wanted a space “where I could work out and keep my energy levels up,” she told AD. She added customized touches on her equipment like her treadmill and dumbbells rack. The black and white funky pattern is one that Keith Haring painted on Grace Jones during their collaboration. That said, Harlow wanted to “keep it art and keep it fashion.”

Photo credit: @winnieharlow / Instagram

Other Features

The home also features a powder room on the main level as well as a wet bar in the family room. The floors are covered in Oak wood that was imported from Europe and the entire property is filled and surrounded with smart-home technology.

Whether you’re a maximalist or minimalist, you’ll find tons of inspiration from Harlow’s home. Her design choice in each room speaks to a different layer of hers that can also be implemented into your home.



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