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Here's What Your Signature Winter Candle Scent Says About You

December 1, 2023 at 7:00 AM PST

Winter, with its crisp air and cozy evenings, invites you to indulge in the warmth and comfort of candlelight. But did you know that your choice of winter candle scent can say a lot about your personality and inner desires? You already know what your signature year-round scent says about you, but since we’re diverse, complex beings and the holidays tend to transform the home’s atmosphere with giddy cheer, one just isn’t enough. Here’s what your go-to winter candle scent says about you.

Photo credit: Maks Iamchuk

Spiced Cinnamon

The spiced cinnamon candle is like a warm, comforting hug for your senses. Its rich, spicy notes evoke a sense of homey nostalgia and coziness. When you choose this scent, you’re undoubtedly someone who values the simple joys of life.

You’re the go-to person for heartfelt conversations by the fireside. Friends and family flock to your inviting space, seeking solace in your company. The aroma of spiced cinnamon means you and your home are the pinnacle of warmth and kindness.

Candle surrounded by pine cones
Photography Credit: Nubia Navarro

Fresh Pine Forest

The fresh pine forest candle is a breath of crisp, invigorating air captured in wax. Its earthy, woodsy scent transports you to the heart of a lush forest, even when you’re indoors. When this scent tops your list, it suggests a deep appreciation for the great outdoors and a spirit of adventure.

You thrive on hiking trails, camping trips, and the invigorating feeling of crisp forest air. Your friends often rely on your sense of exploration to lead them on unforgettable journeys. In your home, the scent of pine welcomes all who enter, creating an ambiance of natural beauty and rustic charm.

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Vanilla Anything

For those who adore the sweet, nostalgic scent of vanilla frosting, you’re a sentimental soul at heart. The comforting aroma of vanilla evokes memories of freshly baked cookies and cozy family gatherings. When you choose this scent, it reflects your fondness for cherished memories and the comforting embrace of loved ones.

Your home is a sanctuary of togetherness, where friends and family gather to create new memories. The scent of vanilla not only fills the air but also your heart, reminding you of the love and sweetness that life has to offer.

Photo credit: Vera Livchak


For those who delight in the sweet, invigorating scent of sugary peppermint, you’re a playful soul who revels in the joys of the season. The aroma sparks memories of candy canes, snowball fights, and laughter. When you choose this scent, it reflects your love for festive merriment and childlike wonder.

Your home becomes a playground of holiday cheer, where friends and family can’t help but smile. The scent of peppermint fills not only your home but also your heart with a sense of pure joy, reminding you to embrace the holiday season with a playful spirit.

Photo credit: RyanJLane

Pumpkin Spice

Pumpkin spice, with its rich and aromatic profile, invites us into the heart of autumn’s culinary wonderland. If you’re drawn to the enchanting scent of pumpkin spice in a winter candle, you likely have a creative, quirky, and nurturing spirit. You might be the seasonal chef in your circle of friends, someone who revels in crafting delicious treats infused with the comforting flavors of the season. Your gatherings are characterized by culinary creativity and the rich aroma of pumpkin-infused dishes.

Beyond your culinary prowess, the scent of pumpkin spice reflects your love for the nostalgia and tradition that come with this time of year. It conjures images of pumpkin patches, vibrant foliage, and gatherings around a harvest table. Your home becomes a haven of autumnal nostalgia, where friends and family come together to savor the beauty of the season.

Photo credit: Becca Tapert


Roses, with their timeless elegance and captivating fragrance, bring a sweeping romance to the winter season. If you’re enchanted by the scent of roses in a winter candle, your personality is likely characterized by grace and a deep appreciation for life’s finer things.

You’re someone who values the beauty of simplicity but never shies away from embracing the exquisite. The choice of a rose-scented candle speaks to your romantic and sensitive nature. Your home becomes a place of refined charm, where every detail is thoughtfully considered.



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