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7 Home Improvement Project You Should Tackle This Winter

November 30, 2023 at 3:21 PM PST

When the winter chill sets in, it’s the perfect time to get started on some cozy home improvement projects that will make your space warmer and more inviting. From heated floors to interior painting and beyond, here are some brilliant ideas to transform your home into a snug and stylish winter haven.

Modern living room
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1. Toasty Toes with Heated Floors

Wouldn’t it be delightful to step out of bed on a frigid winter morning and feel the comforting warmth of the floor beneath your feet? Heated floors are a luxury when it comes to winter comfort, but your feet will thank you! This innovative heating solution can be installed in various rooms, including the bathroom and kitchen, ensuring every step you take is a cozy one. They are also surprisingly energy-efficient, making them a smart investment for the long run.

2. Freshen Up with Interior Painting

Winter often brings a sense of change after much-needed rest, and there’s no better way to refresh your home’s interior than with a fresh coat of paint. Go for warm, inviting colors like deep burgundy, rich chocolate, or soothing taupe to create a cozy atmosphere. Whether you decide to paint an entire room or add an accent wall, the transformation will be remarkable. Texture and finishes can also play a significant role in enhancing your space. Consider experimenting with textured paints or adding some sheen to create a sense of depth and warmth.

3. Cozy Up with a Fireplace Makeover

Give your fireplace a winter makeover to create a cozy and inviting atmosphere. Start by updating the mantel with seasonal decor, such as garlands or wreaths. Consider changing the tiles or surroundings to give it a fresh look. If you’re looking for a more significant transformation, think about adding a new fireplace insert. Whether you prefer the traditional crackling of a wood-burning fireplace or the convenience of an electric one, a well-designed fireplace can enhance the ambiance of your home. It’s the perfect spot to curl up with a book, sip hot cocoa, or enjoy a romantic evening.

4. Insulate and Seal for Energy Efficiency

Keeping your home warm and comfortable during winter isn’t just about adding heat; it’s also about keeping the cold out efficiently. Take the time to inspect your home for drafts around windows and doors and seal any gaps or cracks you find. Proper insulation is crucial for maintaining a consistent and comfortable temperature inside your home. Check your attic and walls to make sure they are adequately insulated, too.

5. Create a Winter Wonderland with Lighting

Winter brings shorter days and longer nights, making lighting a key element in creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. Swap out bright, cool-toned bulbs for warmer, softer ones that mimic the gentle glow of natural sunlight. Think about adding table lamps, floor lamps, or wall sconces strategically to create pockets of warmth and coziness throughout your home. Candles and fairy lights can also add some magic to your winter decor. Arrange them on your mantel, dining table, or in glass hurricanes for a warm and inviting ambiance that will make your home feel like a winter wonderland.

Modern kitchen
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6. Spruce Up Your Kitchen with New Appliances

The kitchen is the heart of the home, and upgrading your kitchen appliances can make winter cooking and meal prep a joy. Look for energy-efficient appliances that not only look sleek but also save you money on your utility bills. A new stove with advanced cooking features or a refrigerator with smart technology can make your kitchen more functional and efficient. You’ll appreciate the added convenience and improved aesthetics of your kitchen space during the winter months and beyond.

Modern bathroom
Photography Credit: Jean Van Der Meulen

7. Revamp Your Bathroom for Relaxation

Your bathroom can become a spa-like retreat during the winter season with a few thoughtful additions. You could install a heated towel rack for those chilly mornings so that stepping out of the shower is a warm and comforting experience. Level up your shower with a rainfall showerhead to transform your daily routine into a luxurious bathing experience. Adding soft, plush towels and scented candles can further elevate the ambiance of your bathroom, turning it into a haven of relaxation during the cold season.


From minor tweaks to major overhauls— these are the insights that add style and comfort to your home.


Whether it’s luxury or ease, every area of your home should be as fabulous and unique as you.



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